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Name: JADFE, James and Darkangel's Forever Erotica
Date(s): - present
Archivist: Lady LaCroix
Founder: James Walkswithwind and Darkangel
Type: mailing list/Yahoo!Group, fan fiction archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: JADFE archive
Index page of the current version of the JADFE archive.
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JADFE (formally called "James and Darkangel's Forever Erotica") started as a Forever Knight mailing list focusing on adult-rated fan fiction. JADFE was started because the moderators of the main fiction list, FKFIC-L refused to allow slash fiction to be posted. However, the new list begun by James and Darkangel accepted adult-oriented Forever Knight stories from all couple factions, not just slash.

Eventually, JADFE became an age-restricted Yahoo!Group (at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jadfe/).

JADFE Archive

Associated with the original mailing list was an archive for the stories that were posted. This was originally located at http://www.evil.org/jadfe/, and later moved to its current location at http://coasteron.net/ladylc/jadfe/. (Stephanie Kellerman hosts a mirror site here.)

Nominally still active, the JADFE archive last added new stories on 4 April 2003; but the front page was updated 30 July 2004 by the current owner, Lady Lacroix.


The stories in the JADFE archive are indexed in two principal ways: by author's name (alphabetically by surname), and by pairing. In addition, there are sections for humour, challenge, and crossover fiction.

Though ownership has changed, the title remains the same. We have tried to maintain the divisions as before so that you may choose the flavor of your reading pleasure. — from the index page

In addition to subsections for m/m, m/f, f/f, and multi relationships, a number of specific pairings are considered significant enough to have their own separate fiction index:

Partial Copy on www.fkfanfic.com

On 21 May 2007, Mel Moser reported on her LiveJournal blog that she was unable to access the JADFE archive. In order to keep the stories available, she therefore decided to use her own back-up files to create a new JADFE on www.fkfanfic.com.

It appears the website that was hosting JADFE is no longer available. If anyone knows how to get in touch with the owner, let me know.

In the meantime, since I have some time and have been working on the fanfic site a little (stuff incoming again!), I've decided to try and host it on www.fkfanfic.com. Short term, maybe long term so we can have one definite and home spot for it. I have the room and bandwidth now.

I have a backup copy of the website, but it appears to be missing some stories and files. If anyone knows who might have a backup of some of the stories, that would help. The first ones I noticed missing were the LaCroix/Divia ones.

Additionally, the HTML in these pages is horrible (no offense to whomever did them, but Frontpage was used and it does horrid things to HTML code). Thus, I'm working on updating the pages and making them a tad bit more usable and customizable with a CSS, also a good practice for me, and using Dreamweaver, which I'm going to be using to update the old archive and V4S site, as it is a faster way to update HTML without having to handcode everything..

Unfortunately, I also terribly suck at graphics, but I can at least get a functional website up and working, so thus, I'm gonna try and get this up and working this week. Anyone who would like to design some graphics, especially a logo, let me know!

Here's a preview of what I'm working on. The links aren't working yet, but you can see the layout. When I'm feeling more ambitious, I might redesign it with a database etc. and reformat the stories, as well. Feedback on colors, readability, etc. welcome. In the long run, I can add links, history and maybe a way to submit stories, or to add the stories to the new archive once ready.

Let me know what you think!

-- Mel Moser in LJ blog entry "JADFE" posted 21 May 2007[1]

By 23 May 2007, Mel had contacted the owner of JADFE and learned that the site was back up. However, she decided to make the copy anyway.

I was able to contact the JADFE archive owner and:

a. her site is back up

b. I'm still going to rehost JADFE on www.fkfanfic.com

c. I've decided to scrap re-doing the pages (frontpage mess) and just move JADFE to Efiction (in progress)

Now I'm not sure how many stories are missing, as I just figured out that a bunch of the stories were done in frames (ugh). Which is also why moving to Efiction will be much much better, in addition to allowing new stories to be added.

It's going to take alot of work but it will be a good test of how well the archival software is working

Anyone with JADFE old or new stories that would like to test it out for me, let me know! Existing stories - your stories will likely get added manually by me but it will help me alot if you can add your own.

-- Mel Moser in LJ blog entry "JADFE progress update" posted 23 May 2007 [2]

In June 2007, therefore, Mel made a partial copy of the JADFE archive in its own section of www.fkfanfic.com. All the Nick/Natalie stories from the original archive were copied over, but little else. The stories were provided with a completely new layout and index. In the few months after it was started, a few new stories were uploaded to the site, the last of them on 3 August 2007.

In 2013, Mel's site disappeared from the web. It should be noted that the mirror copy in the Forever Knight Website Archive (made in 2001) only includes the original www.fkfanfic.com archive, not the partial copy of JADFE.

Fan Comments

The main archive of Forever Knight ADULT and SLASH Fanfiction. Still active, but infrequently updated. Search by author or pairing. Site is under reconstruction -- will be back soon. [3]


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