Mel Moser

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Name: Melanie S. Moser, Mel Moser
Type: archivist, webmistress, author
Fandoms: Forever Knight
Communities: FORKNI-L
URL: Red Riding Hood's Home Page (archived)
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Until 2013, Mel Moser maintained, the largest Forever Knight fan fiction archive. She is also an author of Forever Knight fan fiction, and contributed a number of screen captures to the original Forever Knight Episode Archives. At one time, she had a personal website, Red Riding Hood's Home Page, at

In FK fandom, Mel considered herself a member of the Nick and NatPackers and Lonely Hearts factions.

Fan Fiction

  • "A Special Treatment"[1][2] (1 June 1996)
  • "Bedside Manners"[3][4][5] (19 July 1996)
  • "Getting To Know The Fans"[6][7][8] (28 August 1996)
  • "After the Ashes"[9][10] (4 December 1996)
  • "A (Virtual) Christmas Story"[11][12] (7 December 1996)
  • "A Christmas Miracle"[13][14][15][16] (24 December 1996)
  • "Tight Spaces"[17][18][19] (1997)
  • "A Midsummer Knight's Dream"[20][21] (January 1997)
  • "All About Soul"[22][23] (30 May 1997)
  • "Magic Fingers"[24][25][26] (27 August 1997)
  • "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"[27] (14 May 1998)
  • "Darkness Descends"[28] (15 June 1998)
  • "Twas a Dark and Lonely Heart Night"[29] (April 1999)
  • "A Magnificent Miracle of Modern Medicine"[30] (7 April 1999)
  • "Desperate Measures"[31] (5 May 1999)
  • "Forever, My Love"[32][33][34]
  • "The Vampire Tryst"[35]