Lonely Hearts

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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Lonely Hearts
Date(s): discontinued
Founder: Soulseeker
Type: couple faction
Focus: Natalie Lambert/Javier Vachon
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.
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The Lonely Hearts were a faction of Forever Knight fans who see the potential for a romantic relationship between Natalie Lambert and Javier Vachon.

Faction Website

At one time, the Lonely Hearts had a faction site (the Lonely Hearts Page) at http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/soulseek/lonely.htm; but this disappeared long ago and has not been archived.

Faction History

The faction was established initially by a handful of members of the Nick and NatPack. According to Soulseeker, the NNPack faction leader:[1]

The Lonely Hearts was created by a few of us who were on IRC chatting late one night and discussing our disappointment with Nick's clueless state and figured that it would serve him right if Natalie had someone else to hang out with who would not be so complicated. Vachon seemed the perfect fit, two lonely hearts seeking to console each other. Lonely Hearts while fun to play with for a bit story wise, did not have our hearts as Nick and Nat did, so eventually it disappeared into FK history (plus some of the pack were threatening to force Immortal Beloved stories on me if I didn't give up the Lonely Hearts)."

Although the faction was discontinued by common consent, the term "Lonely Hearts" is still used as a pairing name.

Faction Icon

An icon for the Lonely Hearts was created in 2012 by Greer Watson as part of her project to create icons for all the Forever Knight factions. It composits screen captures of Natalie and Vachon, and has a logo with the name of the faction superimposed on a pair of identical "country hearts", shown back to back to symbolize isolation but joined at the top to symbolize that the two characters are a couple. Tears fall from the lower edge of the logo.


  1. ^ Letter to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU on 25 Oct 2010, written by Soulseeker, faction leader for the Nick and NatPackers.