Forever Knight Episode Archives

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Name: Forever Knight Episode Archives
Date(s): 2000 - present
Archivist: Nancy A. Taylor
Founder: Nancy A. Taylor
Type: screen captures
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: - Original site
- Knight Watchman site
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The Forever Knight Episode Archives are a collection of screen captures from all three seasons of the television series Forever Knight.

The Archives were originally created by Nancy A. Taylor with the help of Mel Moser and Linda Sriro to present a visual story board of each episode of Forever Knight for people who did not have access to the episodes after the show went off the air. The archive has since become a resource for website owners and fan artists.


The original archives were begun in the late 1990s as a collection of screen captures made by Nancy Taylor, Mel Moser, and Linda Sriro from video tapes that they had made of Forever Knight when it aired, either in its original run or in reruns. The archive site is dated 29 February 2000. Because of its size, the collection of images was stored over several free-hosted websites, mostly on Fortune City. These were linked to a central index.

After the release of the second professional DVD set in 2005, Nancy began a new collection of screen captures with the assistance of Greer Watson. Her intent was partly to create a collection whose images were of better quality. However, the number of images was also greatly increased. The new archive covers a wider range of subjects, including shots of guest characters, locations, props, and stock shots. The new Archives are housed within The Knight Watchman website (located here). The collection was completed after the release of the third DVD set in 2006.

In 2010, the web hosting service for The Knight Watchman imposed restrictions on the number of files permitted on the site. The Forever Knight Episode Archives were preserved when webspace to host the actual screen capture files was offered by another fan. However, the collection is still accessed from the original web address.

There are 21,931 screen captures in the second archive. They are broken down as follows:

  • Season 1 (22 episodes): 6,328 captures;
  • Season 2 (26 episodes): 6,472 captures;
  • Season 3 (22 episodes): 9,131 captures.

Policies & Funding

All screen captures may be downloaded and used by anyone. However, if the pictures are reposted to the web, it is requested that a link to the archives be provided on the page.

The site is personally funded by Nancy A. Taylor. A PayPal link exists on the site for anyone who would like to help with the domain expenses. Any help is greatly appreciated and acknowledged.