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Name: Nancy A. Taylor
Alias(es): NAT
Type: fanwriter, archivist
Fandoms: Forever Knight, The Sentinel
Other: Forever Knight Fan Fiction
Nancy Taylor's Index Page
Nancy Taylor's Forever Knightie Page
Forever Knight Episode Archives (original)
The Knight Watchman
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Nancy Taylor's main fandom is Forever Knight. Besides writing fan fiction, she also maintains an extensive screen capture archive, The Knight Watchman.

As an FK fan, she considers herself primarily a Knightie, and has been prominent in that faction in several Forever Knight Wars. Nancy is also a cross-stitcher, and hence a member of the Cross-Stitchers of the Knight. She has completed several pieces to patterns drawn from both Forever Knight and The Sentinel.

She has been nominated for several Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards and won an award in 2001.


I discovered Forever Knight originally with the pilot movie "Nick Knight" starring Rick Springfield in 1989. I rediscovered the show in 1992 in the "Crimetime-After-Primetime" lineup, only to lose it halfway through the season. I re-rediscovered the show in the summer of 1995, during repeats of the second season. I came back into the fold courtesy of "The Fix."

I got on-line and discovered the wonderful world of FK fandom in November of 1995, just before the mid-season cancellation of the third season. I fought tirelessly for its return during the original write-in campaign following that Christmas' devastating news. Cheered by the continuation of the show in syndication, I continued to support the show with letters of encouragement and calls to my local station. In the late fall of 1996, I finally put my hand to writing fan fiction. I had never tried anything like it before, but was captivated by the characters and wanted to try my hand. My first story, "It's a Wonderful Unlife," was posted in time for Christmas that year. Following a flood of encouraging reviews, I wrote a number of stories in 1997. My prolific writing dropped off in 1998, with fewer, but longer epics. While my original faction choice was "Knightie" (a fan of the character Nick Knight), my stories are decidedly Nick and Natalie oriented. I have created a universe of my own, carrying on from second season, and using elements of third season. I have also written several "stand-alone" stories that are not a part of the series.

These are wonderful characters to work with, as they pretty much write themselves. I have been blessed with good friends and good beta readers, who have given me help and encouragement. I hope to continue writing my stories for a long time to come, and I hope that people will continue to enjoy them as they seem to have in the past.[1]


Nancy's main personal websites are her personal fanfic archive, Forever Knight Fan Fiction; and Nancy Taylor's Forever Knightie Page, which is an FK resource/tribute page. She also has a gen Sentinel fanfic page.

Other Forever Knight Sites

Nancy has several smaller Forever Knight websites and webpages:

Cross-stitch Pages

Nancy keeps the following cross-stitch pages:

  • Cross-stitchers of the Knight
    Faction page for the Cross-Stitchers of the Knight faction, with photographs of their FK-based cross-stitch projects. Also has a photo of a Sentinel cross-stitch piece by Nancy.
  • Forever Knight Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Pages: One and Two
    Downloadable cross-stitch patterns on the first; patterns you can order on the second.

Screen Capture Archives

Nancy's first screen capture archive debuted 29 February 2000. The Forever Knight Episode Archives contain an extensive collection of screen captures drawn from all episodes of Forever Knight, which were made by Nancy, Mel Moser, and Linda Sriro from tapes of the series. The scope of the collection is broad, with the intention of covering all main plot points and providing a resource for fans.

After the release of the second professional Forever Knight DVD set in 2005, Nancy began making new screen captures in order to provide a larger, better quality collection (totalling 21,931 pix) that covers an even wider range of subjects, including shots of guest characters, locations, and props. In addition, Nancy began a screen capture archive for The Sentinel. The entire collection is housed in a new archive, The Knight Watchman, named for the two series. A third subsection for Blood Ties screencaps has since been added. In 2006 the site won the Light My Fire Award for Website (Info/Resource) for Content.


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