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Name: Bright Knight
Owner/Maintainer: Amy R.
Dates: April 1999 - present
Type: resource, archive, personal archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Bright Knight
Logo of the Bright Knight website
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Bright Knight is a Forever Knight website owned by Amy R. It includes a personal archive of Amy's fan fiction, poetry, and essays related to Forever Knight; a collection of resources for the use of fans of the series; and a series of monthly fanfic recommendations, some of which are also archived on the site.

What's New on Bright Knight

Amy R. links her website to her LiveJournal blog, "What's New on Bright Knight". [1] Here she repeats the monthly fan fic recommendations from Bright Knight. She also provides a monthly summation of new Forever Knight fan fiction that has been posted on FKFIC-L,, and LiveJournal.

Website Design

The index page of the Bright Knight website is visually dominated by a large white box containing the "Quotation of the Month" (taken from the Forever Knight television series). The logo is white, with a shadow effect making the letters appear raised. Otherwise, graphics on the index page are the same colour as the background, shaded to appear embossed. A column of links to the various subsections of the site appears on the left.

Screen capture of the index page of the Bright Knight website (July 2010).

The pages of the site are visually tied together by the use of common graphics throughout, notably a light blue, slightly textured background looking a bit like cardstock, which is used on the main index page and tables of contents pages for the subsections of the site. A matching solid light blue divider line and large embossed fleur-de-lys button appear on many pages. Text on these pages is coloured white, with turquoise links.

The various resource and fiction pages have a simple design of black text on white, with a larger font for the title, and links (top and bottom) in blue. Most pages throughout the site are decorated at the bottom with Amy R.'s initials in B&W block graphics.


The following resources on the Bright Knight site have been compiled by Amy R. for the use of other fans.

  • Amy's Forever Knight Concordance
    A concordance of quotations from the series, divided by theme.
  • Amy's Forever Knight Episode List
    A list of episodes, preceded by a discussion of the merits of different ordering systems, especially as they relate to Season Two (for which production and airing order differed markedly).
  • Amy's Script-Based Forever Knight Timeline
    "This timeline determines flashback dates first from script evidence, then from real historical people and events depicted, and only finally from costuming and sets."[1]
  • Amy's Forever Knight Canon/Crusades Alignment
    Parallel timelines for the Forever Knight universe and the actual historical crusades, for comparative purposes.
  • Amy's Forever Knight "Stuff" List: The Places and Things of the FK Universe
    Annotated list of places and things (fictional and real) that appear or are mentioned in one or more episodes of the series. The list is divided by type (e.g. books, companies, numbers, prisons, blood types, television stations), and includes the episode.
  • Amy's Forever Knight Character Directory
    Annotated list of characters appearing in the series. The list is alphabetized (by the character's first name, if given), and includes the episode in which s/he appeared.
  • Character FAQs
    For Janette, Tracy, Vachon, Urs, Screed & Bourbon, Divia, and Fleur.

Amy's Forever Knight Fanfiction Recommendation of the Month

From May 1999 to March 2012, Amy R. made monthly recommendations of fan fiction. Stories were only listed by permission of their authors. In most cases, links are provided to locations off-site; however, some of the stories are archived on Bright Knight.

Personal Archive

Bright Knight archives Amy R.'s own essays, poetry, and fan fiction.


The following essays by Amy R. are on the Bright Knight website:[2]

  • "Coming Across? Let Me Count the Ways"
    A discussion of the variations throughout the series in the way in which humans were depicted as being brought across to the vampire state
  • "Nick's First Epiphany"
    A discussion of the implied decision taken by Nick to kill only the guilty, attempting to find a plausible date for the event.
  • "1228 Concordance"
    A brief summation of the various flashbacks to Nick's early days as a vampire.
  • "What is Forever Knight?"
    An essay describing the series.
  • "Azure: Hypnotized or Drugged"
    A discussion of the interpretations of the events in the Season Two episode, "Be My Valentine", when LaCroix hypnotizes (or appears to hypnotize) Natalie Lambert.
  • "On the Ending of Series"
    Brief musings on the variable effectiveness of series finales.
  • "What is fanfiction?"
    A discussion and justification of fan fiction; includes a brief sketch of Tennyson's poetry as Homer fanfic.


The following poetry by Amy R. is on the Bright Knight website:[2]

  • "Longer than the Medicis"
  • "At Issue"
  • "Someone Like Me"
  • "The Coming Choice"
  • "Mai's Little Boy"
  • "He Never Blames Her"

Fan Fiction

The following stories by Amy R. are on the Bright Knight website:[2]

  • "Party Favors"
  • "True to Life"
  • "In a Family Way"
  • "When Donut Met Button"
  • "Three Fireweed Seeds"
  • "Milepost"
  • "Fearful Symmetry"
  • "A Delicate Balance"
  • "Clearing the Air"
  • "Starwort"
  • "Pro Terra Sancta"
  • "Steamer Trunk Space"
  • "Last Minutes"
  • "Professor When" (a Doctor Who parody)
  • "Better Late"
  • "Nice to Remember"
  • "A Little Salsa Picante"
  • "Send My Love"
  • "By Expectation Beguiled"
  • "How He Loves"
  • "An Appointment Unkept"
  • "In the Light of Day"
  • "What It's Like"
  • "Another Officer Vetter"
  • "A Matter of Time"
  • "Puzzles"
  • "Not the Mothering Type"
  • "Grievances"
  • "Kindred Spirits"
  • "Time Out for the Living"
  • "That Ain't Love"
  • "Fireweed"
  • "Whence the Truce"
  • "England's Rose"
  • "Corners of the Mind"
  • "As We Forgive"
  • "And So It Goes"
  • "Renovations"
  • "Billets Doux"
  • "Happiness Is"
  • "Guitars and Roses"
  • "Quid Pro Quo, Doctor Lambert"


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