Raven Awards

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Name: Raven Awards
Date(s): 2000-2004
Frequency: annual
Format: judging panel
Type: fan fiction
Associated Community: Raven Awards Yahoo Group
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Raven Awards (website)
Raven Award (2000) - Gold winner in the Primus category
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The Raven Awards were a competition for Forever Knight fan fiction, open to anyone. The forum was especially designed to encourage new writers. Submission required membership in the Raven Awards Yahoo Group, to which the stories were posted. Winners were selected by a panel of judges.

The rules and guidelines for the awards are posted on the website. This includes a story archive that contains most of the stories that were submitted for consideration. In some instances, there is instead a link to the story on the author's website.

The Raven Awards were given out annually from 2000 to 2004, inclusive. The number of stories submitted was greatest in the first year, and notably smaller in the final year as interest petered out.

Categories & Rules

The Raven Awards had five categories:

  • Primus - open category for PG - R13 stories
  • Adultus - open category for R18 stories only
  • Novus - restricted category for FIRST TIME writers. PG-R13 fiction
  • Novus Adultus - restricted category for FIRST TIME ADULT writers. R18
  • Poetica - all and any poetry (2003, 2004)

Authors could submit up to three stories in each category. Stories had to be capable of standing on their own merits, though submission of sequels was allowed. Only people over 17 could submit in the Adultus or Novus Adultus categories.

Stories could not have previously been posted elsewhere.

Stories and Winners

The following stories were submitted for the Raven Awards. Listings are subdivided by year and category.


    • Gold: "The Property of Hope" by Cindy Ingram
    • Silver: "Renewals and New Beginnings" by Karen Gunther
    • Bronze: "Dance of the Undead" by Lorelei Sieja
    • also:
      • "Soul of the Storm" by Michele Alexander
      • "One Lonely Knight" by C. Brady
      • "Dark Revivial" by Tabitha Carlson
      • "Take it Like a Man" by Deanie
      • "The Only One" by Deanie
      • "Blood of Me" by Deanie
      • "Everywhere I Turn" by Deanie
      • "Another Lonely Night" by Deanie
      • "Road Trip" by Elise
      • "Honeymoon Horror" by Elise
      • "The Cure" by Elise
      • "Man's Crisis of Identity..." by Judith Freudenthal
      • "Transitions" by Judith Freudenthal
      • "Eternity" by Karen Gunther
      • "Revelations" by Karen G.
      • "And So I Walk Into The Fire" by Diane Harris
      • "Requiem For A Knight" by Diane Harris
      • "The Light Must Follow" by Diane Harris
      • "When Darkness Falls" by Diane Harris
      • "The Return: Lost & Found" by Lisa Hobbs
      • "Touch The Knight, The Ties That Bind" by Lisa Hobbs
      • "Until I Find You Again" by Lisa Hobbs
      • "I Have Dreamt" by Iejasu
      • "Heart's Desire" by Cindy Ingram
      • "Dona Nobis Pacem" by Nancy Kaminski
      • "A Thousand Years" by Nancy Kaminski
      • "Remnants of a Life" by Nancy Kaminski
      • "A Question of Survival-Part 2" by Alex Knight
      • "The Path Not Taken" by Gwenn Musicante
      • "Last Memories of the Knight" by Gwenn Musicante
      • "Culmination" by Laurie Rock
      • "Nevermore" by Rogue Cousin Tammy
      • "The Last Dance" by Lorelei Sieja
      • "Dance with the Devil" by Lorelei Sieja
      • "Christmas Waltz" by Lorelei Sieja
      • "First Knight" by Nancy A. Taylor
      • "Whatever the Fates Allow" by Nancy A. Taylor
      • "Poison" by Maria Wiberg
    • Gold: "Leitmotif" by Nancy A. Taylor
    • Silver: "Waltz In The Sky" by Lorelei Sieja
    • Bronze: "Mine, Immaculate Dream" by Shelia Turner
    • also:
      • "Close Encounter of the Absurd Kind" by C. Brady
      • "And so I Walk into the Fire" by Diane Harris
      • "A Matter Of Need" by Nancy A. Taylor
      • "Caddywhacked" by Nancy A. Taylor
      • "Survival" by Tyra
    • Gold: "Not Before Time" by Tracy Gooding
    • Silver: "Screamin' Fine Ride" by LCD Worley
    • Bronze: "Forever Mine" by Sharon Robinson
    • also:
      • "What It Means to be Needed" by Tammy Horn
      • "Angel" by Valerie Horton
      • "Quo Vadis, Lucius?" by Iejasu
      • "Backstep to Forever" by JoAnne Seamans (crossover: Forever Knight X Seven Days)
      • "The First Night of your UnLife" by Renee
    • Gold: "Captured Hearts" by AX1012
    • Silver: "LaCroix's Revenge" by Iejasu
    • Bronze: "Be My Valentine...Forever" by Valerie Horton


    • Gold: "Sadness, in a Minor Key" by Diane Harris
    • Silver: "And a Child Shall Lead Them" by Karen Gunther
    • Bronze: "The Painting" by Elise
    • also:
      • "Hand of Fate" by Tabitha Carlson
      • "A New Police Addition: Moving on After 'Last Knight'" by David J. Duncan
      • "Climax: Rematch with Ares" by David J. Duncan
      • "Another Reality" by Jeannie Ecklund
      • "In the Dark" by Elise
      • "Father of the Bride" by Elise
      • "Challenges" by Judith Freudenthal
      • "Christmas Magic" by Emily M. Hanson
      • "Wanderers of the Dark" by Emily M. Hanson
      • "Darkest Hour" by Diane Harris
      • "Memories Like Fire Dance Through My Head" by Sng2angels
      • "An Act of Forgiveness" by StormyNite
      • "Between Heaven and Earth" by KD Williams
    • Gold: "Moving On" by NiteMar
    • Silver: "A Moonlight Rendezvous" by Nancy Kaminski
    • Bronze: "Through a Glass, Darkly" by Diane Harris
    • also:
      • "Gentling The Beast" by DragonLady
    • Gold: "Eternity in an Endless Night" by NightAngel
    • Silver: "Double Edge" by Lorraine Purpura
    • Bronze: "Trouble in Toronto" by David J. Duncan
    • Gold: "Please Master" by Portia
    • Silver: "Thanks, Trace" by Beth


    • Gold: "Art Imitating Life" by Karen Gunther
    • Silver: "Mixing Minds" by Jarvinia
    • Bronze: "Reckless Pantomime" by Eve
    • also:
      • "Angel" by Anita Blake
      • "In the Blood" by Janice Cox
      • "Considerations" by David J. Duncan
      • "Step Into My Nightmare" by David J. Duncan
      • "Father Doesn't Know Best" by David J. Duncan
      • "The Nature of the Beast" by Elise
      • "Miracles" by Judith Freudenthal
      • "Another Knight" by Jarvinia
      • "As Time Goes By" by Nancy Kaminski
      • "Butterfly - a leap into fire and light" by Sunny LaCountess
      • "Enchanted Moon" by Lorraine F. Purpura
      • "Words and Meanings" by Bonnie Rutledge
    • Gold: "Enthralled" by Cousin Mary
    • Silver: "Of Eternal Bonds" by Dragonlady
    • Bronze: "Dark Awakenings" by Nitemar
    • also:
      • "Turning Point" by David J. Duncan
      • "A Strange Twist of Fate" by Knightshadowwrtr
      • "Night Interlude" by Knightshadowwrtr
      • "Resting Here" by Bonnie Kate Pardoe
      • "Valentine's Lair" by Joy Powell
      • "Unanswered Questions" by Rachelkitten
      • "Hidden Thoughts" by Ell Hase
      • "Homecoming" by K.C. Smith
    • Gold: "Choices" by Melissa Lewis
    • Silver: "Dangerous Games" by Phylis Sullivan
    • Gold: "Blood of One's Desire" by Jarvinia
    • Silver: "Cold Comfort" by Klytaimnestra


    • Gold: "The Right of Way" by Bonnie Rutledge
    • Silver: "My Daughter's Choice" by Eve Dutton
    • Bronze: "To Love That Well" by Eve
    • also:
      • "A Visit From Saint Nick" by Barb & Pat Roman
      • "At What Price A Hero" by Barb & Pat Roman
      • "In the Name of the Son by Allison
      • "A Cold Heart Unexpectedly Warmed" by Patty
      • "Food for the Soul" by Jarvinia
      • "Gifts" by David J. Duncan
      • "LK Confidential" by Sunny LaCountess
      • "Rear View Mirror" by April French
      • "Scars of the Heart" by Judith Freudenthal
      • "Last Knight - The Next Chapter" by Karen Gunther
      • "Of Golden Butterflies" by L.L. Wright
    • Gold: "Shades of Grey" by Jarvinia
    • Silver: "Services Rendered" by LadyNiteRaven
    • Bronze: "Three Isn't Necessarily a Crowd" by Mom-Ra
    • also:
      • "The Dark Wood" by David J. Duncan
      • "The Book" by David J. Duncan
    • Gold: "Healing Hearts" by Tracey Rayner
    • Gold: "Come Undone" by Sunny LaCountess
    • Silver: "The Hunter is a Lonely Heart" by Tricia Busick
    • Bronze: "Relax, Turn Around" by Mary Kroll
    • also:
      • "Turn Her" by Ann O. Nymous
      • "Regret" by Allison
    • Gold: "At Last" by David J. Duncan
    • Silver: "Eternally Yours" by Valerie
    • Bronze: "My Fleur...My Heart" by Phylis Sullivan
    • also:
      • "In the Light" by Melissa Lewis
      • "Death Inturrupted" by Valerie
      • "A Shadowed Soul" by Emily M. Hanson
      • "Haiku - Nick" by Eve
      • "A year, Ten years, A hundred years" by Jarvinia


    • Gold: "How to Steal a Caddy" by Meanrunt
    • Silver: "Continuation of a scene" by Knight Ranger
    • Bronze: "Forever Bitten" by Cheryl Pillsbury
    • Gold: "Fulfillment" by Jarvinia
    • Silver: "A Little Night Music" by Mom-Ra
    • Bronze: "Breach of Promise" by L.L. Wright
    • also:
      • "Candy Messages" by fkval2002
    • Gold: "Instincts" by Knight Ranger
    • Gold: "Through My Window" by Gwenn Musicante
    • Gold: "Tears of Ivory" by April French
    • Silver: "Musings of an Innocent Goddess" by Tricia Busick
    • Bronze: "The Calendar" by FKVal2002
    • also:
      • "Raven Beauty" by David J. Duncan
      • "The Year" by Mary Kroll