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Name: Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards
Date(s): 1997-2001
Frequency: annual
Format: popular vote
Type: fic (various lengths), poetry, filk
Associated Community: ForKNI-L
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: 2001 Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards Home Page, Archived version
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The annual Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards covered Forever Knight-related fanworks that were published on-line between 1997 and 2001. An "Historic" category allowed awards to be granted to works that had been published earlier. After the first year, awards were divided into "Adult" and "Gen" categories.

The following history comes from the Forever Knight Wiki in an article largely written by Susan M. Garrett:

On 12/21/97, Susan M. Garrett posted a message on ForKNI-L requesting information on Forever Knight author contacts with regard to the MediaWest*Con Fan-Q Awards. Toward the end of the post, she wrote: "As a side thought . . . has anyone ever considered setting up awards for the on-line Forever Knight fiction? We're prolific enough to have one. I know the X-Files people run something every year. Could that be done?"

Listmember Juli Monroe answered the question by volunteering enthusiastically - with the understanding that she would need assistance with technical expertise. Imajiru offered html coding expertise. And with additional listmembers volunteering technical and non-technical assistance, the idea of Fanfic Awards for Forever Knight online fiction was born.

Discussions continued through January 1998, topics including categories (with older fiction to be in a "classic" category), the awards name, and whether adult material could or would be included (given certain internet providers' restrictions on hosting adult content). The last mention of the awards on the list was mid-February 1998.

On June 26, 1998, Susan Garrett posted a awards FAQ and announced that online voter registration would be accepted from Voter ID # Registrations would be accepted from June 26 until August 9. No nominations would be accepted until 12:00 AM (ET), June 29. Nominations were closed on July 12, 1998, at 11:59 PM EST. Voting ended August 11, 11:59 PM. The winners were posted to the ForKni-L Mailing List on Sunday, August 16 at 12:01 AM. Calliope Monsoon created the advertising banners and Imajiru created the nomination and award winner graphics nominated and winning authors could post on their sites.

On December 10, 1998, the 1998 Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards notice was posted to ForKni-L by Susan Garrett. The awards were expanded from two divisions (1997 and Historic) to four (1998, Historic, 1998 Adult, Historic Adult), with a possible total of 28 award categories. Nominations were accepted between Jan 10th and Jan 23 1999. The Preliminary Ballot was finalized between January 23 to Jan 30th. Votes were accepted from Jan 31st through Feb 26th. Votes were counted from Feb 27th through Feb 28th. The results of the awards were announced live at 10:00 PM (EST) on March 1, 2009 on IRC, with a repeat announcement at 11:00 PM (EST) at the Monday AOL chat. The results were then posted to the usenet group, SciFi Channel Dominion Boards, FK Loop, ForKni-L and FKFic-L on March 2, 1999.

Rules and Procedures

Anyone who signed up through voter registration was eligible to vote and assigned a Voter ID#.

Any complete Forever Knight story, poem, or filk that was or had been available to the general public in an electronic form was eligible for nomination. (A fanwork did not have to be currently available to be nominated.) Nominations were accepted for a voting ballot. Voters could nominate as many items as they liked.

After the nominating deadline, all nominations were collected and categories and divisions assigned. The authors of the top six entries in each division were contacted and asked if they wish to participate in the awards. Only authors wishing to remain on the ballot had their works appear on the final voting ballot.

Fanworks written prior to 1997 were eligible in the "Historic" division.

The final voting ballot was available on the voting web page and was also be posted to ForKni-L. Awards were given to the nominee with the most votes in their category and division. Ties were entirely possible and were honored as such.

Word count categories:

  • Vignette (Under 2,000)
  • Short Story (2,000 - 7,499)
  • Novelette (7,500 - 17,499)
  • Novella (17,500 - 39,999)
  • Novel (40,000 or more)
  • Filk (No Limits)
  • Poem (No Limits)





  • A Mixing of the Minds by Sarah Baker
  • AWARD - As We Forgive by Amy R. [1]
  • Missing You by Joni Goad (aka Blusette de Nuit)
  • One More Knight by Rosemary Beard (NiteRose)
  • Summer Samba by Nancy Kaminski [2]
  • Without Regrets by Nancy Taylor

Short Story

  • For All Eternity by Nancy Taylor
  • Hagen-Dazs (A) by Nyx Fixx
  • Innocent Blood by Nancy Taylor
  • Prelude by Mary Lou Manzie
  • AWARD – Screed's Big Adventure (A) by Libby Singleton
  • Tale's End by Ellen Ashton-Haiste
  • The Server's Down and I Feel Fine by Nancy Kaminski [3]

Novelette - TIE

  • A State of Grace by Jean Graham
  • A Taste of Rebellion by Libby Singleton
  • Halloween: Eve of All Saints by Mary Combs [4]
  • Silver Threads by Nancy Taylor
  • AWARD – Tight Spaces (A) by Mel Moser
  • AWARD - Widows And Orphans by Susan M. Garrett [5]


  • All I Need by Mary Lou Manzie
  • Deja Vu by Nancy Kaminski [6]
  • AWARD – Shadow Dancer (A) by StormyNite
  • Silent Echoes by Dorothy Elggren [7]
  • The Witness by StormyNite
  • Unfinished Business (A) by Kathy Whelton [8]


  • Death Has No Dominion by Marg Baskin
  • If Ever by Carrie Krumtum
  • AWARD – Immortal Past (A) by Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
  • Somehow by Dorothy Elggren [9]
  • Thankless Child by Bonnie Rutledge
  • The Changeling (A) by Nancy W.


  • Inside Out by Gehirn Karies
  • Layers by Annie Raper
  • My Only by Jaime L. Kohles
  • Ruminations by Illinois Jules (aka Julie Swendsen)
  • Splintered Wood by Kelly Green
  • AWARD – The Flight by Susan Bennett

Filk - TIE

  • A Bite of Souvlaki by Laurie Schlagel
  • Blood, Glorious Blood by Laurie Schlagel and Maxime Laboy
  • I Don't Know How to Cure Him by Laurie Schlagel
  • Janette's Cafe by Laurie Schlagel and Maxime Laboy
  • AWARD – Master of the Mouse (A) by Susan Nix
  • AWARD – Natalie's Lament by Laurie Schlagel and Maxime Laboy



  • AWARD - Apricots and Mortal Tears by Apache [10]
  • Blood by Imajiru
  • Family by Cagey
  • Knighty-Knight Nick by Ann Larimer
  • Nicholas and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night by Diane Echelbarger
  • Outside the Window (A) by A.C. Chapin
  • Puzzles by Kathy Whelton [11]
  • Remembering the Butterfly by Imajiru
  • Surfing the Net by Imajiru
  • Walk On By by Susan M. Garrett [12]
  • When Life Hands You A Lemon, Rewrite History by Imajiru

Short Story

  1. ...what's an arcsecond? by Imajiru
  2. A Ghost of Winter's Past by Denise Underwood
  3. All I Really Want by Imajiru
  4. Blonde Desire by Cagey
  5. Honey and Wine (A) by Leslie GrantSmith
  6. Icebreaking by Valerie Meachum [13]
  7. AWARD - No Regrets by Kathy Whelton [14]


  1. All the Rest is Silence by Dorothy Elggren [15]
  2. Bedside Manners by Mel Moser
  3. Inevitabilities by Carrie Krumtum
  4. AWARD - Physical Therapy (A) by Ophelia Paradise [16]
  5. Rage by Carrie Krumtum
  6. The Tapestry by Sarah Baker [17]


  • A Lamentation, For Strings by Susan M. Garrett [18]
  • Excess Baggage (A) by Kathy Whelton [19]
  • My Evil Twin is a Vampire by Christina Kamnikar
  • Somewhere by Dorothy Elggren [20]
  • AWARD – The Bargain (A) by Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
  • To Be Free by Carrie Krumtum


  • Consequences by Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
  • AWARD - False Heart by Susan M. Garrett [21]
  • Knight Confessions by Carrie Krumtum
  • Nightmare by Judith Freudenthal
  • The Phoenix (A) by Nancy W.
  • This End Will Serve by Calliope Monsoon


  • And In That Time by Carrie Krumtum
  • Dark Night by Sandra Gray
  • Old Soldiers Never Die by Susan M. Garrett [22]
  • AWARD – When Warriors Love by Leslie GrantSmith


  • A Vampire After All by Chana Rossman
  • FK Jingle by Ted Atkinson
  • Forever Knight's Island by Chana Rossman
  • I Saw Natalie Kissing Javier Vachon by Soulseeker
  • Let's Start at the Very Beginning by Lynn Messing
  • The Little Drummer Vamp by Dianne T. DeSha
  • The Twelve Nights of Christmas by Dianne T. DeSha
  • AWARD – The Vachon Song by Stephanie S. Babbitt

Withdrawn from Final Ballot by Author's Request

  • Novel - 1997 The Nature of the Beast by Susan M. Garrett [23]
  • Novella - 1997 Little Secrets by Kathy Whelton
  • Short Story - 1997 A Knight to Remember (A) by Nancy Taylor
  • Short Story - 1997 My Daddy, The Vampire by Nancy Taylor
  • Short Story - 1997 Sticky Wickets by Nancy Kaminski
  • Novel - HISTORIC Fifteen Minutes by Carrie Krumtum
  • Novel - HISTORIC Kind Soul by Susan M. Garrett [24]
  • Novel - HISTORIC Resurrection by Susan M. Garrett [25]
  • Short Story - HISTORIC Sidney vs. Treezilla by Susan M. Garrett [26]
  • Vignette - HISTORIC One Shift, Two Shift, Red Shift, Blue Shift by Calla Puerro [27]



  • I'm a What? by S. Clark
  • In the Shadows by Tyra Mitchell
  • AWARD – Picture Her Waiting by Cindy Ingram
  • A Sweetness in His Pain by Lori Dehn
  • Wrapped Up, Tied Up by Tyra Mitchell

Short Story

  • AWARD – A Crack in the Wall by Kathy Whelton
  • Darkness Descends by Mel Moser
  • Detour by Mary Combs
  • Just Passing Through by Kathy Whelton
  • Promises Kept by Nancy Kaminski
  • There are More Things in Heaven and Earth by Dorothy Elggren


  • Behind The Mask By Kathy Whelton [28]
  • Full Circle By Dorothy Elggren [29]
  • In The End By S. Clark
  • Remembered By None By Vampwrtr
  • The Sandpiper By Vampwrtr
  • A Time To Heal By Mary Combs [30]
  • Award - Trust By Dorothy Elggren [31]

Novella - TIE

  • AWARD – Coming Home by Mary Combsi
  • AWARD – Crossroad by Nancy Kaminski
  • Fortune's Favour by Nancy Taylor
  • The Maltese Raven by Erika Wilson
  • Oaths by Denise Underwood
  • Perchance by S. Clark
  • A Song Without Words by Lorelei E. Sieja
  • The Sorrows Solution by Cheryl Barnes


  • Evidence (FK story) by Dorothy Elggren [32]
  • Fireweed by Amy R. [33]
  • Presumed Dead by Stephanie S. Babbitt
  • Ransomed Knight II by JL Kerr [34]
  • AWARD – Turning Point (FK Story) Part 1 and Part 2 by Cindy Ingram
  • Un Acte de Foi by Mary Lou Manzie and Barbara Erickson


  • Chivalrous by Cousin Shelley
  • AWARD – How LaCroix Stole Christmas by Erika Wilson
  • Sonnet for Nicholas by laudon
  • You by Edith Spencer


  • Black Toes by Susan Bennett
  • AWARD – My Twelve Days of Christmas by S. Clark
  • Vampire on the Roof by Lynn Messing



  • AWARD – After the Ashes by Mel Moser
  • Blood by Imajiru [35]
  • In the Age of Transparent Aluminum by Imajiru [36]
  • Surfing the Net by Imajiru [37]
  • Walk On By by Susan M. Garrett [38]
  • When Life Hands You A Lemon, Rewrite History by Imajiru [39]
  • A Woman's Work by Susan M. Garrett [40]
  • want fries with that? by Imajiru [41]

HISTORIC Short Story

  • The Adventures of Tracey, Warrior Tart by The Lurkers
  • Gay Vampire Toronto Cop Fathers Alien Love Child by The Lurkers
  • AWARD - Paternal Order by Susan M. Garrett [42]
  • Trick or Treat by Susan M. Garrett [43]
  • Welcome To The Family by Imajiru [44]
  • ...what's an arcsecond? by Imajiru [45]

HISTORIC Novelette

  • AWARD – All the Rest is Silence by Dorothy Elggren
  • Angel Crossing by Susan M. Garrett [46]
  • Bedside Manners by Mel Moser
  • Peerless Pressure by Susan M. Garrett [47]
  • Rage by Carrie Krumtum
  • Seduction of the Diligent by Susan M. Garrett [48]


  • All That's Best Of Dark And Bright by Susan M. Garrett [49]
  • Breaking Dawn by Carrie Krumtum
  • A Lamentation, For Strings by Susan M. Garrett [50]
  • My Evil Twin is a Vampire by Christina Kamnikar [51]
  • AWARD – Somewhere by Dorothy Elggren
  • To Be Free by Carrie Krumtum


  • Fifteen Minutes by Carrie Krumtum
  • AWARD - Kind Soul by Susan M. Garrett [52]
  • Knight Confessions by Carrie Krumtum
  • The Other Side of Evil by Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
  • The Phoenix by Nancy Warlocke


  • And In That Time by Carrie Krumtum
  • Dark Night by Sandra Gray
  • AWARD - Old Soldiers Never Die by Susan M. Garrett [53]


  • Consolation by Susan M. Garrett [54]
  • AWARD – The Little Drummer Vamp by Dianne T. DeSha

Withdrawn from Final Ballot by Author's Request

  • 1998 – Vignette - Cat in Question by S. Clark
  • Historic - Novella - Justice, Being Blind by Susan M. Garrett [55]


Vignette - TIE

  • AWARD – Longview - Nick by Shelia Turner
  • Masquerade by Molly Schneider
  • AWARD – Nick and Nat Play Monopoly by S. Clark
  • The Object of Her Affection by Cindy Ingram
  • Unbreakable Bonds by Molly Schneider

1998 ADULT Short Story

  • Every Time I Fall Back by Texasbrat
  • The Gift Before His Eyes by Lisa a.k.a. Knightowl
  • Moonlight Sonata by Knightstar
  • Nick and Nat Play it Cool by S. Clark
  • One Night in Byzantium by Molly Schneider
  • Solace by Leslie GrantSmith
  • AWARD – The Storm by Tyra Mitchell
  • That Night by Texasbrat
  • This Night by Texasbrat

1998 ADULT Novelette

  • And to All A Good Night by Nancy Taylor
  • Dark Desires by Texasbrat
  • AWARD – Light Reading by Fenris
  • Mea Culpa by Amie LaRouche
  • Needs by StormyNite
  • What Dreams May Come by Amie LaRouche

1998 ADULT Novella

  • Eternal Love by StormyNite
  • Forsaking All Others by Tyra Mitchell
  • It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Mel Moser
  • Living Fantasy by Tyra Mitchell
  • Miss December by Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
  • AWARD – More Deaths than One Must Die by Kathy Whelton

1998 ADULT Novel

  • AWARD – Farewells and New Beginnings by Nightlady
  • A Splash of Gold Part 1 and Part 2 by Elfin (M J Hughes)
  • A Week At The Bed And Bloodfest by Patt Elmore

1998 ADULT Poem

  • Bound by Illinois Jules (aka Julie Swendsen)
  • Edge (FK story) by Virginia Wilcox
  • AWARD – Ode to Nick's Naughty Nightie by S. Clark



  • Brown Paper Packages by Susan M. Garrett [56]
  • Forever, My Love by Mel Moser
  • AWARD – Outside the Window by A.C. Chapin


  • AWARD – Honey and Wine by Leslie GrantSmith
  • Open Arms by April Hackett
  • Tied Up With String by Susan M. Garrett [57]
  • You Oughta Know by Stephanie S. Babbitt


  1. Darkest Memories by April Hackett
  2. AWARD - Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby by Ophelia Paradise [58]
  3. Trio by Imajiru
  4. Users by Kate Keene


  • AWARD – Excess Baggage by Kathy Whelton
  • Taking Care by Ophelia Paradise [59]
  • What Love Endures by Ophelia Paradise [60]

Withdrawn from Final Adult Ballot by Author's Request

  • Adult – 1998 - Vignette Longview - Nat by Shelia Turner
  • Adult – 1998 - Vignette Cold Light of Day by S. Clark
  • Adult – 1998 – Short Story Echoes by Leslie GrantSmith
  • Adult – Historic - Short Story Submarine Races by Leslie GrantSmith ==


General Vignette
Story Author Place
Partners Cindy Ingram 1
Food For the Soul Mary Combs 2
Ruminations Nancy Kaminski 3
Spider Webs Erika Wilson 4
It Had To Be You Erika Wilson 5
General Short Story
Story Author Place
Last Things Mary Combs 1
Remnants of a Life Nancy Kaminski 2
First Knight Nancy Taylor 3
Time Out for the Living Amy Rambow 4
Making Amends Kathy Whelton 5
General Novelette
Story Author Place
Curiouser Still… Dorothy Elggren 1
Sadness, in a Minor Key Diane Harris 2
Conversation with a Vampire Klytaimnestra 3
The Property of Hope Cindy Ingram 4
Knights Errant Klytaimnestra 5
General Novella
Story Author Place
An Act of Forgiveness StormyNite 1
Out of the Silence Dorothy Elggren 2
Mortal Ties Cindy Ingram 3
Black Ice Mary Chamberlain 4
A Question of Conscience Kathy Whelton 5
General Novel
Story Author Place
Chasing Rainbows Gwenn Musicante 1
Survivors Bonnie Rutledge 2
A Little Knowledge Can Be Dangerous Karen Gunther 3
General Poem
Story Author Place
At Issue Amy Rambow 1
I'll Hide My Shaking Hands Kyer en Ysh 2
Not Her But You Stephni Warner 3
Transformations Sandra Gray 4

Adult Vignette
Story Author Place
Mea Culpa Sue Clark 1
Intrusions Sue Clark 2
From Leapin' to Hoppin' Marci Cheeseman 3
By The Light of the Moon Laurie of the Isles 4
Adult Short Story
Story Author Place
Gentling the Beast DragonLady 1
Diversions Knightraven 2
Alien Magic StormyNite 3
Unnamed Calendar 2000 Les Grant Smith 4
Leapin' Lizards Marci Cheeseman 5
Adult Novelette
Story Author Place
Cowpats and Gumboots Knightraven 1
Make a Wish StormyNite 2
A Touch of the Past StormyNite 3
Leitmotif Nancy Taylor 4
Love Lies Broken Sharon Robinson 5
Adult Novella
Story Author Place
Day Dreams Cindy Ingram 1
A Touch of Evil StormyNite 2
True Colours—Picasso of Pain II Elfin 3
Now and Forever Karen Gunther 4
One Night Til Forever NiteMar 5
Adult Novel
Story Author Place
First Day Christine Hantzopulos Hunt 1
Moving On NiteMar 2
A Friend in the Nightcrawler L. Zephaniah 3


List of Eligible Forever Knight Fanfiction Written in 2001, Archived version

General Category Winners

Adult Category Winners