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[1]In 2012, Greer Watson created a series of icons to represent the various factions within FORKNI-L fandom, along the lines of the Affiliation Pins created by Susan Garrett and Calliope Monsoon in 1994.

Most of the icons include a reworked version of the original faction symbol, where one exists; and some factions for which there is no original symbol had one created. In addition, the design typically includes one or more images taken from screen captures and/or graphics taken off the web, and a logo with the name of the faction. All the icons are 100px x 100px in size.

From 12 February to 22 October 2012, the icons were posted in batches to Greer's LiveJournal blog, with accompanying descriptions. After several requests, larger versions of many of the designs were also posted (periodically from 18 April on) so that people could see more of the detail. At the end of the project, the icons were put on a page on Greer's website.

Over the next couple of years, a few more icons were created as new faction names were discovered or suggested.

Icon Descriptions

When each icon was posted, it was accompanied by a description of the various components of the design (and, where it seemed needed, a discussion of the relevance to the faction). In some instances, there was also some background information on the faction itself.

As the icons were posted in batches, their descriptions are scattered across numerous blog entries.

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  1. ^ The information in this article has been adapted from the article "Faction icons" on the Forever Knight Wiki