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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Nanettes
Date(s): 1996 - 2003 (The name is still applied descriptively to fanfic.)
Leaders: Valerie Meachum & Nymue when the faction was active
Founder: Patrick Kortner Aiex
Type: couple faction
Focus: Natalie/Janette
Community: Le Cercle des Nanettes (One List),
Nanettes Yahoo Group
URL: Le Chateau des Nanettes
(Wayback Machine copy)
Faction icon for the Nanettes, created by Greer Watson in 2012.
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The Nanettes are a faction of Forever Knight fans who see a potential pairing between the human doctor, Natalie Lambert, and the vampire, Janette DuCharme. This is variously interpreted, though often seen in romantic terms. The name of the faction is a portmanteau of the names of the two women.

The faction is effectively defunct, with no activity on its Yahoo Group since 2003. However, the adjectival term "Nanette" is still applied to fanfic focusing on Natalie and Janette.

Faction List

Faction Websites

Early History

The Nanettes were originally created by Patrick Kortner Aiex, probably in late 1995. For a little while he called himself "Lone Nanette" in his sig.[1] However, on FORKNI-L on 1 April 1996 he announced the creation of a FAQ about the Nanettes:[1]


The Nanette FAQ has been written. Any persons who want it may e-mail me at my private address. I will compile a list, and send it to all at the same time.

Pat -- Lone Nanette, B-Negative FoD, Web Page Designer-In-Training

Two days later, another post from Patrick made it clear that a number of people had e-mailed to express interest in joining the Nanettes:[2]

I heartily thank those who have asked for the Nanette FAQ, and hope that some of those who have requested it consider joining my little fraction.

Another option exists for those who don't want to completely defect from their current faction/fraction (although there is nothing in the Nanette bylaws that says you can't be cross-affiliated): you can be an FoN -- Friend of the Nanettes. As the Part-Time FoN Cousin Diane says, as in "Girls just want to have FoN." That will, in fact, be the motto of the FoNs.

Thanks, all.

Pat -- Not Quite The Lone Nanette Any Longer, B-Negative FoD, Web Page Designer-In-Training

It should be mentioned that multiple affiliations were common among Forever Knight fans. In particular, many fans who considered themselves to belong to a faction associated with one of the major characters also claimed membership in one or more couple factions.

Nevertheless, although the Nanettes began as a slash faction, it quickly acquired members whose interest was in a non-sexual relationship between the two women. As the faction website puts it:[3]

The Nanettes are a faction devoted to Janette and Natalie. Period. Our members have various opinions and views of their relationship. As a group we see them as friends and allies, 'sisters,' or possibly even as lovers, but no one view is dominant. Yes, when the Nanettes first originated a few years ago it was exclusively a slash, or f/f, faction. But, the number of fans who could concieve of that relationship were few and far between, so the Nanettes were never organized as a faction. Since then the number of people who can see a romantic relationship between them has grown; so too, has the number of fans who simply like both characters. So, as an organized faction, we cater to any and all views. Anyone who likes both characters, or sees them as friends or lovers, is more than welcome to join. Our mailing list is rated PG13, but slash is, and will continue to be, discussed.

During its organized existence, therefore, the Nanettes faction was open to both gen and slash interpretations of the relationship between Natalie and Janette.


Although the faction website exists only in a fragmentary state, it does include a list of members.[4] The list administrator was Valerie Meachum, and the webmistress was Nymue. Other members included Lady Angst, Paula Cobb, Nick, Kelly, Cindy, Beth, KitKat, Renali, LadyLC, and Liz the Lucky.

Faction Icon

In 2012, Greer Watson created an icon for the Nanettes as part of her project to create a set of icons for all the Forever Knight factions. On a shaded green background, the design composits screen captures of Natalie and Janette in a circular black frame. In the upper right corner the logo of Janette's nightclub, the Raven, is superimposed upon the green lamp from Natalie's lab desk: the combination symbolizes the union of the two characters.

List of References

  1. ^ For example, see Patrick's FORKNI-L post in the digest for 2 April 1996 (archived on Knightwind's Nook).