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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Friends of Gillian
Leaders: n/a
Type: used in sigs in posts to ForKNI-L
Focus: status among fellow fans
Wars: none
Community: n/a
URL: n/a
Faction icon for the Friends of Gillian, created by Greer Watson in 2012.
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Synonyms: shout-out, Tuckerized
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Friends of Gillian is the term used in Forever Knight fandom for fans who "became" characters in the actual television series by having a namesake character appear in an episode of the show. They are referred to as "Friends of Gillian" because this most usually happened in a script by Gillian Horvath. However, the term is extended to include fans whose names were used by other writers.

The Friends of Gillian sometimes appear in lists of Forever Knight Factions. They were described in the Affiliations FAQ (which includes a partial list of suspected faction members) as "the only non-voluntary and occasionally co-incidental affiliation".[1]

Suspected Members

(Taken from the Affiliations FAQ.) The name of the character suspected of being named after the fan is in brackets.

  • Julie Beamer ("Julie Beamer")
  • Marian Gibbons ("Marian Blackwing")
  • either Valery King or Valerie Meachum ("Dr. Valerie Freeman")
  • Tara O'Shea and Lady Johanna Constantine ("Johanna Shea")
  • Perri Smith ("Perry", the vampire dog)
  • Karin Welss ("Karin Constantine")
  • Roni (Veronica) Power ("Veronica, the dead opera singer")
"At least I wasn't a murdered hooker. Mobster's wife, yes, but no lingerie. :-)" -- Karin Welss

"Once again, I have to say what's wrong with being a mur -- er, well, there's nothing wrong with lingerie. In it's place. Oh, never mind :)." -- Cousin Julie <[redacted e-mail address]>, who can't believe she's still getting mileage out of being "the dead hooker"

Faction Icon

In 2012, Greer Watson created an icon for the Friends of Gillian as part of her project to create a set of icons for all the Forever Knight factions. The design composits a photograph of Horvath with pictures of a woman's hands on a keyboard (in the foreground) and a page from a screenplay (in the background).


  1. Affiliations FAQ, written by Meredith, draft May 15, 1996.