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Name: Het Big Bang
Date(s): 2011 - 2013, 2015 - present
Founder: irony_rocks
Mods: blithers, irony_rocks, lanna_kitty, n_e_star, peanutbutterer, red_b_rackham, traycer_
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Multifandom and Original Fiction
Associated Community:
URL: LiveJournal community
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Het Big Bang is a big bang-style fic and art/mix challenge for stories with a het theme.

Round 1: 2011


  • What If You Catch Me, Where Would We Land by leigh57: Jack Bauer/Renee Walker. R rating. But every once in a while when the guards were down, he'd click off the filters and let himself have her back, only for a minute. Light of her smile, smell of the skin on her neck, brush of her hand on his chest, checking for wounds. Rich stereo soundtrack of her voice. (33,500 Words)


  • From the Last to the First by hiddencait: Ripley/Hicks. M rating. Ripley, Hicks, Bishop, and Newt have survived the hell on LV-426, and they wake from hypersleep thinking they're home free. However, with a sudden invasion of a squad of marines, a company bitch, and one intimidating agent, the new family finds themselves taken into custody and under investigation… (25,978 Words)

Babylon 5

  • Anathema by kungfuwaynewho: John/Delenn. R rating. Delenn finds herself the target of an official assassination order. She and John go on the run, trying to keep one step ahead of the assassins as they race for a plan to spare her life. Set mid-S2, spoilers through S4 and "In the Beginning." (54,200 Words)

Blade: Trinity

  • The Lies You Live by alyse: Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King. 15 rating. Abigail Whistler has always known her role in life. Vampire slaying is in her blood and in her bones, but when her path crosses that of a smart-mouthed vampire who seems perfectly happy to die, she's left questioning everything she thought she knew… (98,000 Words)

Burn Notice


  • Home by anr: Angel/Cordelia. NC17 rating. She's not going without a fight. (31,971 Words)
    • Artist: anr


  • Artist: dragonslinger - We Want to Live Like Trees (Fanmix, author did not complete by deadline)
  • Artist: lormats - Trouble in Paradise (Fanmix, author did not complete by deadline)


  • The Law of Tangents by htbthomas. Annie/Troy. PG-13 rating. Annie wants to date Abed – if learning all she can about his favorite things will help her do that, she will. Troy wants to date Abed – he's ready to take their friendship to the next level, and no one knows Abed better than his best friend… (26,680 Words)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural:

  • Artist: slr2moons - Fear the Night (author did not finish by deadline)

Castle/Stargate: Atlantis:

  • First Amendment by xakliaaeryn: Sheppard/Weir and Castle/Beckett. R rating. Back on Earth, John and Elizabeth find themselves at the center of a scandal that rips them apart and only New York's bestselling crime writing duo can help bring them together. (28,509 Words)


  • Stranger Than Fiction' by lanna_kitty: Martha Rodgers/James Watson, Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, Ashley Magnus/Henry Foss. PG-13 rating. Between the shootings, discoveries, conspiracies and twists that could have come from the pages of one of his own novels, Richard Castle's life has taken a turn for the wild. Now with a bizarre and brutal serial killer on the loose, his daughter exhibiting miraculous abilities and his mother's unexpected knowledge… (54,354 Words)
    • Artist: oparu

Grey’s Anatomy/Lost:

  • Hanging By A Gossamer Thread by red_b_rackham: Jack/Addison. PG-13 rating. After Kate goes on the run, Jack realizes he needs a fresh start, so he heads to Seattle, where Addison looking for the same thing. As their friendship blooms, she begins to rethink her decision to move to LA, while he struggles to overcome his past. (52,042 Words)

NCIS/Stargate Atlantis:

Stargate: Atlantis/Star Wars:

  • Not in Kansas Anymore by gelbes_gilatier: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne. M rating. When Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne woke up in a storage room, they never thought it would be in a galaxy far, far away. And now they need to find a way back home, past Special Operations agents and stormtroopers, between the fronts in a war they thought they knew… (41,244 Words)


  • The Tension and the Spark by lonelywalker: Debra Morgan/Frank Lundy. NC-17 rating. At the end of S2, Debra leaves for Oregon with Lundy. As they track down a serial killer who seems to be working with a partner, she's forced to examine her own relationship - and where it might be going. (25,100 Words)

Doctor Who

  • Artist: sgmajorshipper - Time Enough at Last (author did not finish by deadline)

Due South

  • Melting the Ice Queen by tanyareed: Meg/Ray K, some Frannie/Turnbull. Teen rating. Ray Kowalski starts sending secret admirer letters to Inspector Thatcher as a joke. Before he knows it, the letters aren't a joke anymore, and he's falling in love with her. Can the truth be revealed without both of them getting hurt? (53,000 Words)


  • A Vacation on Shadow by mizzy2k: Mal/Inara. R. When a heist goes wrong, the crew of Serenity need somewhere to hide out, but all their regular hidey holes got burnt out by the Operative, and none of their other acquaintances would take them in, considering what happened to all others who've sheltered them. But Mal has one safe place left... One he never wanted to have to use... On the core planet Shadow. AU. (34,000 Words)


Grey's Anatomy

  • The Story Of Us by shafeferi: Derek/Addison. NC-17 rating. During their couples' therapy, Derek and Addison are told to remember how their marriage began in order to regain the magic. Can they do it before it's too late, and are the memories enough to keep their marriage alive? (27,659 Words)

Harry Potter

  • Before the Storm by alley_skywalker: Antonin/Bellatrix, Andromeda/Ted, Lucius/Narcissa, Rodolphus/Bellatrix, various. PG-13 rating. Wizarding Britain is on the brink of civil war. But even as the political tension rises, life continues. The Blacks are ready to marry off their three daughters. Narcissa has found a match with Lucius Malfoy, Andromeda has been promised to Rodolphus Lestrange (never mind that he loves Bellatrix) and Druella, grudgingly, acquiesce to let Bellatrix marry Antonin Dolohov… (30,133 Words)
  • Love in search of a word by mzmtiger: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks. K+ rating. "Music is love in search of a word." --Sidonie Gabrielle. Band!AU During the first war with Voldemort, soon after leaving Hogwarts, Remus Lupin and his fellow Marauders became one of the best known wizarding bands of all time. Now, with the second war looming… (25,077 Words)
  • House of Heretics by slumber: Draco/Astoria. R rating. Seven years have passed since Voldemort's defeat and Draco Malfoy is making do with the lot he's been given--distrusted by the most of the ministry, shunned by the House that he betrayed. When a ministry official goes missing, Draco is given the chance to help restore the Malfoys' place in society… (38,000 Words)
  • Artist: janus_74 - Out of the Dark (fanmix, fanart, & trailer, author did not finish by deadline)


Justice League

  • Between the Shadow and the Soul by cinaed: Justice League (cartoon), Bruce/Diana. PG-13 rating. Where Amazons go, gods—and trouble—follow. When Psyche reveals that Aphrodite is about to meddle in Diana and Bruce’s relationship, Diana decides to put a stop to the goddess’s interference. But with gods and goddesses popping up left and right, Diana’s quest is going to be more difficult than she anticipates. (32,000 Words)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Rowing in Eden by ancarett: Jane/Thor, implied Loki/Sif. PG-13 rating. The Bifrost is no longer broken but is becoming unpredictable: delivering its travellers far afield of the landing site where Thor had first appeared. With the link between Midgard and Asgard at risk, Jane and Thor have to find a way to restore stability to the wormhole or risk being separated forever. All of the Avengers lend a hand, but in the end, will it be enough? (33,000 Words)
  • The Salt Skin by hariboo_smirks: Sif/Loki, background Jane/Thor. R rating. One day Sif walks to the edge of the Bifrost to see compelled to see where Loki had fallen. At the same time Jane is testing a way to open the Bifrost. By accident Sif falls to Earth, what happens after she never would have expected, and then she finds Loki. (44,617 Words)
  • Yggdrasill Dreaming by mekosuchinae: Sif/Loki. T rating. Bifröst is broken and the roads between the worlds are lost; so, too, is the treacherous king Loki lost. Yet in Sif's dreams a shadow walks, and it wears the face of Loki Odinson. Is she going mad, or does Loki yet live? If he does live, then how is she to find him? Through dreams, through memory, Sif seeks Loki. (76,672 Words)
  • Winter's Heart by rawles: Sif/Loki. PG-13 rating. When the last great war ended, Asgard and Jotunheimr retreated back behind their own borders. In Jotunheimr, Prince Loki grows up having never having known the true splendor of his home and having never seen the rest of the cosmos. But when thoughts of moving beyond the tentative truce between the two realms take hold, Loki finds himself traveling to Asgard… (35,100 Words)

Nancy Drew

  • rearview mirror by ndnickerson: Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson. NC-17 rating. Set post any modern series. Nancy is on a long-term undercover assignment for the CIA when she discovers that the love of her life is getting married -- to someone else. (53,880 Words)


  • Finding Family by heartundone: Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David. NC-17 rating. Tony rescuing Ziva from Somalia is only the beginning of their story. As their year following her rescue unfolds they find each other as they work to put Ziva’s life back together. In the end, they find that family is what you make of it. (25,760 Words)


  • Discovery by danakate: G. Callen/Nell Jones. R rating. Callen helps Nell out of a dangerous situation which leads to the support staff being trained to protect themselves. Along the way, Nell and Callen grow close and she helps him learn to be himself. (41,000 Words)
  • Dead, But Not Forgotten by fringedweller: Kensi/Deeks. NC-17 rating. Kensi and Deeks have always had undeniable sexual chemistry, and one tequlia-fuelled night that chemistry finally bubbles over. But what does that mean for their partnership? And can they stay alive in the freezing forests of Mount Mitchell, hunted by a psychotic Marine, long enough to figure it out? (26,742 Words)

Nikita (2010)

  • Someone Borrowed by always_a_queen: Michael/Nikita. T rating. Pre-series AU. Michael and Nikita go on a long-term undercover assignment. Angst ensues. // “There’s a wedding band on her fourth finger and a matching one on Michael’s hand, and no amount of prior experience or training could ever prepare her for this.” (30,000 Words)

One Tree Hill

  • Collide by bluelilyrose: Nathan/Haley. NC-17 rating. Ten years after having last seen her, Nathan Scott bumps into his old high school tutor and as they grow closer and begin dating he knows he's going to have to finally face up to his past and what he's been running from, especially if he wants any chance of a future with her. Haley James remembers only too well what Nathan Scott's reputation with the opposite sex… (50,867 Words)

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Sirens by lupinskitten: Commodore James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann. PG rating. In order to prevent Commodore Norrington from coming after him and the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow leaves behind a mysterious red stone with supernatural abilities that will force Elizabeth Swann to turn to the commodore for help… (28,000 Words)

Pride & Prejudice

Princess (Manhwa)

  • Artist: P. Panic - The Gentle Princess (fanart, author did not finish by deadline)


  • A Vampire Apocalypse in Four Parts by grav_ity: Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla. Teen rating. This is an AU of “Awakening”, where we imagine that Nikola couldn’t reach the grappling hook, and therefore couldn’t help Helen stop Afina, allowing the Vampire Queen to wake her court. (26,959 Words)


  • Taking the long way around by isdon_isgood9: Chloe/Oliver, Lex/Lana, Lex/OFC, one sided Lex/Chloe. PG rating. Lex and Clark are both Chloe’s best friends and she spends a great deal of time juggling the pair of them. When her good friend Hal Jordan drops by for a visit he introduces her to his other best friend, Oliver Queen, who happens to save the world wearing green leather… (40,554 Words)

Star Trek Reboot

Stargate: Atlantis

  • On the Nature of Daylight by failegaidin: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan. M rating. When Elizabeth, Teyla and Laura are given a "gift" from one of their allies, they are left in an impossible situation. Have sex or die is harsh even for the Pegasus Galaxy, but the men who love them won't let them die. Even if they're not ready to admit how they feel. (32,697 Words)
  • A Change is gonna come (whether you want it or not) by vickysg1: John/Elizabeth, Sam/Jack. PG-13 rating. After Elizabeth is saved in extremis, the expedition has to save Atlantis and find their way to their new planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the fiasco of the first strike leads to a decision that will change everything. (30,223 Words)
  • Artist: nickygabriel - Happily Chaotic (Fanart/icons, author did not finish by deadline)

Stargate: SG-1

  • New Hosts by hathor_girl: Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash. NC-17 rating. During an undercover mission to Bastet's court, Jolinar's and Lantash's hosts are mortally wounded. They each get a new host - Rosha and Martouf. What happens then? How do these two new hosts react to suddenly being part of a long-term relationship? (29,759 Words)
  • Jump in the Line by rinkafic: Stargate Atlantis Fusion AU, Sam Carter/Jack O’Neill. PG rating. What if the Ori never came? What if Jack and Sam didn’t have to deal with frat regs anymore? What if things had gone differently and a different team of people had gone to Atlantis? (26,780 Words)
  • Carnivorus Plantae Mobilis by roeskva: Samantha Carter & Martouf/Lantash. NC-17 rating. Sam had not yet come to terms with Martouf/Lantash having died - and having to admit to herself she loved them - when she has to go on a dangerous mission that will remind her of what she has lost. How will she react when she learns she has been lied to … (53,000 Words)
  • Living on the Edge by traycer_: Sam/Jack. T rating. Stranded in an off-world wilderness, Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter rely on their wits, skills and survival training to endure the hardships of their fate - made even more difficult when they are saddled with an orphaned baby. Determined to make it despite dangerous natives and an unexpected ally... (38,015 words)


  • The Ancient History of Solaris by sache8: Rapunzel/Eugene. Teen rating. When Eugene is kidnapped, Rapunzel rushes off to save him. Turns out, Mother Gothel wasn't the only one who knew about the sun's gift. (28,000 Words)
  • Taming the Rider by yappichick: Eugene/Rapunzel. G rating. No, spending the day in the town wasn’t part of the original deal, but if Blondie really is planning on returning to that tower, then the least I can do is give her a memorable birthday, right? Besides, what would we do all day? Have a staring contest with her frog? (23,350 Words)

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

  • Blighted by Sin by lullabymoon: Barbara Havers/Tommy Lynley. T rating. When a young woman is found brutally beaten in a London park, Lynley and Havers must find the person responsible, as well as deal with the emotional fall out and navigate their own changing relationship. (30,400 Words)
    • Artist: aj

The Mentalist

  • Taking Charge by h_loquacious: Jane/Lisbon. T rating. How to woo a woman as stubborn as Teresa Lisbon (once you finally manage to admit to yourself that you want to)? Simple. Make her think she's the one doing the wooing. Jane comes up with a cunning plan to make Lisbon fall in love with him, but it doesn't go quite as he planned. (47,296 Words)
  • he always gets what he wants by sirenofodysseus: Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon (main), Patrick Jane/Grace Van Pelt (secondary). T rating. Patrick Jane always got what he wanted, even if that meant using her in the process, to get Teresa Lisbon back exactly where she belonged—in his arms. (37,088 Words)
  • The Veil That Keeps Me Blind by spyglass_: Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon. PG-13 rating. With Jane's plans for revenge destroyed, both he and Lisbon are forced to take stock of where they stand -- with Red John and with each other. (36,128 Words)

The Tudors

  • graven with diamonds in letters plain by angelqueen04: Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII of England. PG-13 rating. An alternate universe described by letters, diaries, and non-fiction excerpts, featuring the lives of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and those who revolved around them after the dissolution of their marriage in February 1536. Anne retires from court as the Duchess of Pembroke, while Henry marries Jane Seymour. Nonetheless… (38,184 Words)

The Vampire Diaries


  • East of Albuquerque by eldanna: Edward/Bella. K+ rating. One small change in fate and Bella is left trapped in the Phoenix airport, unable to evade Jasper and save her mother. One split second and the entire story unravels. Trying to stay one step ahead of James, Edward and Bella are on the run. But as they race to New York … (43,000 Words)

Waterloo Road

  • Artist: mizzy2k - The Bad Blood (author did not complete by deadline)

WWE Wrestling

  • Somebody's Hero by sadwal1538: Drew McIntyre/Kelly Kelly. R rating. Kelly Blank is studying abroad in Scotland. In one of her mandatory classes, she's paired with Drew Galloway, a Scottish native. It wouldn't be so bad, but Kelly knows he's hiding something… (30,519 Words)
  • Life is a Road by scoobydumblonde: Trish Stratus/Randy Orton. NC-17 rating. It all starts with them stuck in an empty cabin in the middle of nowhere. No bed to share and only one blanket. Randy wants to hate Trish and Trish believes she hates him. They're stuck together with nothing to do. Time together means they both realize they may not hate each other as much as they think they do. (25,174 Words)


  • In Oculis Mentis by adrenalin211: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully. R rating. After conversations that jolted her off her axis of controlled calm, she’d put her hand on her stomach and shut her eyes. She’d allow herself to feel Mulder’s absence, because she knew that feeling would feed her persistent drive to find him, to get answers to the endless list of queries that lived, constantly awake and invasive, inside of her body. (40,141 Words)

Xena: Warrior Princess

  • A little bit of history repeating by cutebunny43: Ares/Gabrielle, Hercules/Xena, Iolaus/Joxer. R rating. The Twilight of the Gods didn’t take, Abigail Waters doesn’t know that, not yet, but her dreams are telling her something, and she’ll learn soon enough that her life isn’t quite hers. (36,079 Words)

Round 2: 2012

Avatar: Legend of Korra

  • The Past is Prologue by Irony_Rocks, Mature. Korra/Mako, Background Iroh/Asami Sato. In the months following Amon's defeat, life changes. Korra struggles to navigate her way through Aang's spiritual guidance, her evolving relationship with Mako and her friends, the constant struggle against adversaries both old and new, and a journey towards a destiny that has only just begun. It won't be happily ever after, but since when has that ever been the Avatar's story? (28343 words)


  • the end of the world (as we know it) by alyse, Explicit, Hannibal King/Abigail Whistler. When the vampire virus starts to develop a resistance to the Nightstalkers’ Daystar weapon, Abigail is left watching helplessly as King has to fight not just for his life, but for his soul and his sanity. (51562 words)


Battlestar Galactica/Torchwood/Doctor Who:

  • The art of Forgivness by pamymex3girl, Jack Harkness/Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii, Karl Agathon/Sharon Agathon. Jack stumbled on a base star once, a long time ago, and on board he found Boomer. While Boomer attempts to come to terms with what she did and find a way to make amends Jack just tries to reach her. While on board of the same base star another Eight remembers memories that aren't hers. And far away in the future Athena attempts to put her broken family together again. (25083 words)

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake:

Doctor Who/Avengers Movieverse:

  • It Takes an Ocean Not to Break by kerrykhat, Teen, Clint Barton/Martha Jones. When Nick Fury first approached her with the job offer, Martha Jones thought it was the just another step in the process of moving forward with her life. Unfortunately, the past has a nasty tendency to rear its head at the worst possible moments. (36753 words)

Dollhouse/The Office:

Marvel Cinematic Universe


The Crucible

  • God Help Me by Gamma_Orionis, Mature, John Proctor/Abigail Williams. John was wary when Elizabeth suggested taking on the niece of Reverend Parris to help her in the house, but he finds himself growing fond of the girl. He might even go so far as to say that it seems very much as though she is intentionally nurturing his affections… (21726 words)


  • You Will Be My Downfall by leanstein, Explicit, Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic. In light of the Rossum Corporation running the world, an underground resistance was formed. The leader of the resistance may or may not be Laurence Dominic-- and this is the task handed to Adelle DeWitt: Gather information and proof about Dominic and ultimately bring the resistance down. Little does Adelle know what the truth really is. (10968 words)

Downton Abbey

  • From Paris to Downton Abbey – A Young Lord’s Journey to Happiness by Athena_Mou, Explicit, Cora Crawley/Robert Crawley, During his Grand Tour of Europe, young Robert Crawley falls in love with a captivating Parisian woman. He spends a few perfect months with her before the distress of Downton Abby's finances forces him back to England and into a marriage of convenience. His new wife is beautiful and sweet, he might not love her, but he is drawn to her. This is the story of Robert and Cora Crawley and their life together, built upon friendship that eventually turned into a love that spanned two wars and saw the birth of three lovely daughters. (71578 words)
  • Thorny Roses by Athena_Mou, Explicit, Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley. Modern day AU story. Matthew Crawley runs a successful landscaping business. Lord and Lady Grantham still reside at Downton Abbey, though Lady Mary has her own place at Grantham Park. When Mary is stuck in a tricky situation the day before hosting a very posh party, Matthew comes to her rescue. Unfortunately their first meeting does not go smoothly. Matthew is determined to win Mary over and the two eventually form a close friendship that turns to love. The road is, as usual with these two, filled with some bumps, and various skeletons in the closet. (15521 words)

Due South

  • Love Undercover by TanyaReed, Teen, Ray Kowalski/Margaret Thatcher. When Meg and Ray are thrown together on a case, they have to deal with pretending to be married, a dangerous criminal...and their growing attraction to each other. (55616 words)

Grey's Anatomy

  • Coming Home by flipflop_diva, Explicit, Addison Montgomery/Derek Shepherd. After suffering a miscarriage, Addison needs to get away from her life for awhile. What she doesn't plan on is Derek and Mark coming along with her. But what starts out as a road trip from one coast to another becomes so much more as they struggle to figure out who they once were, what pulled them apart and what, if anything, is worth saving. Set in an AU world about a year after Private Practice Season 4 and Grey's Anatomy Season 7. (24457 words)
  • Love Me Now Forever by WhatBecomesOfYou, Mature, Alexandra "Lexie" Grey/Mark Sloan, George O'Malley/Isobel "Izzie" Stevens. Season 8 finale spoilers/minor season 9 speculation, but no known spoilers. "Word has it that it’s a very bad thing if a living person sees a dead person." When Izzie and Mark start to see the ghosts of those they had loved prior to their death, they seek out answers. What those answers lead to is an opportunity beyond anything they could have ever imagined. (25021 words)
  • The Battle's Almost Won by abvj, Teen, Alexandra "Lexie" Grey/Mark Sloan. After Seattle, the next time Lexie Grey sees Mark Sloan is when she is just two weeks shy of her thirtieth birthday. In the immediate aftermath of George's death, Lexie receives an offer she can't refuse from Mass Gen and leaves Seattle and Mark behind. This story takes place five years later, when a chance meeting reignites feelings both parties thought had long since been laid to rest. (16408 words)

General Hospital

Gundam Wing

  • The Long Campaign by lasoldiergirl, Not Rated, Relena Peacecraft/Heero Yuy. After hitting a roadblock in her career, Relena makes the decision to run for President for ESUN. However, an unexpected reunion with Heero and mysterious threats to her life pose a serious risk to Relena's plans and visions for ESUN's future. Can Relena succeed in becoming the first President of ESUN? Who is behind these new threats on her life? And most of all, can her and Heero finally figure out their feelings for each other before all hell breaks loose? (36231 words)

Round 3: 2013

Round 4: 2015

Round 5: 2016

Signups will begin May 1, 2016.