Ziva David

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Name: Ziva David
Occupation: Mossad operative, Liaison Officer NCIS Special agent
Fandom: NCIS
Other: Played by actress Cote de Pablo
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Ziva David was introduced in the NCIS Season 3 premiere episode "Kill Ari (Part 1)" and became a regular cast member from the episode "Silver War" onwards. She was an agent of the Israeli Mossad, originally assigned to NCIS as a liaison officer, but later earned American citizenship, and became a full NCIS agent.

She replaced Caitlin Todd, who was killed at the hands of Ziva's half-brother, Ari Haswari, in the Season 2 finale.

Fan reactions

Because of her ambiguous loyalties, and the fact that she replaced Caitlin Todd, Ziva is disliked by many fans, and Ziva bashing fics are fairly common.[1]

The main ships by number of stories are the canon ship with Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David/Abby Sciuto. Ziva David/Jenny Shepard may possibly be canon, but is a less common pairing.

She is a moderately popular character for crossovers, though usually as a member of the NCIS team rather than a lead character, but crossover pairings seem to be fairly uncommon.

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  1. Community for Ziva bashing fic at ff.net ("A Community for the large number of NCIS fans who still consider ZIVA to be an arrogant traitor!")