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Name: Cami
Alias(es): Bi-Beverie, ChuckNovak, CurlyWheelers, WonderWheelzier
Type: Fan Artist, Fan Writer, Vidder
Fandoms: IT, Marvel, One Direction, Stranger Things, Supernatural, Twilight
Communities: DeanCasBigBang, Archived version on LJ
WonderWheelzier's Tumblr Icon
URL: AO3, Archived version, LJ, Archived version, Quotev, Archived version, IT Tumblr, Archived version & Marvel/ST Tumblr, Archived version, YouTube, Archived version
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WonderWheelzier, or Cami, is a creator whose main contribution to fandom is fanfiction. She also dabbles in memes, fanart, and meta.

Her initial fandom-related blog on Tumblr was called ChuckNovak from her Supernatural days in fandom, but then became CurlyWheelers when the blog was more focused on Stranger Things and Marvel. When she joined the IT fandom, Cami made a sideblog under the name Bi-Beverie, which was eventually renamed to WonderWheelzier.

On AO3, she has kept her ChuckNovak username throughout her time in fandom. Similarly, on YouTube, she displays her name as Chuck Novak.

When on Quotev, though no longer active, Cami went by BreakMeLikeAPromise.

Fan History

Cami began getting into fandom when she started looking up Twilight fanart in the fifth grade. She didn't get involved herself, until the seventh grade when a friend showed her Quotev, formerly known as Quizzazz, to her, where she began writing One Direction fanfiction. Her fics grew really popular, and she had about 8k followers. She once made a fanvid for Destiel when she was fifteen, but states she no longer has the time for vidding.

She became a passive member of the Stranger Things fandom after watching the show, reblogging content but not making her own. And then Stranger Things blogs began discussing the new IT film coming out in 2017. One of her friends wanted to see it and didn't have anyone else to go with, so Cami went with her. After that, she got involved in the IT fandom, read the book over winter break, and made her IT Tumblr blog because she wanted to write fanfiction and post it, but was wary of doing so on her original fandom blog, because people from RL followed her there.

She participated in the Dean/Castiel Big Bang in 2015 with her fanfiction The Limits of Stars, Archived version.

In 2019, she participated in the IT Reverse Big Bang with her fanfiction Dissolve, Archived version.

Favorite Characters & Ships


When asked what her favorite characters were, why, and what they meant to her, Cami responded:

My favorite IT character is Richie, but I also have such a soft spot for Bill, especially in the movies.

I love how well-written and complex Richie is, like you can read and re-read his scenes and narration and always find new stuff and I loveee that, also he has such a strong, distinct personality and way of speaking which is super fun to play with in fic.

Bill is the sweetest and also unhinged and I love the chaos of that combination lol. He cares so much about others and is so all in, I love him.

My top ST characters are Mike, El, Nancy, Max, Lucas, and Robin.

And oh man. I made an entire Google slides presentation on why Mike is my favorite character and it still didn’t cover everything lmao he’s so smart and kind and compassionate and a bitch and an asshole and a dumbass and he’s the smartest and he’s (almost) always right and he’s so gentle and yet so obnoxious and so funny and such a complex character and I relate to him a lot, #1 comfort/projection character right there.


The above are considered by Cami as her 'Big Three' followed by:
She also enjoys making content for:

But she also loves:

(Some of her) Favorite Works

By Others

I love the little emo Mike in this one.

Fall Away From Me (I Just Can't Take It), Archived version by The_Lazy_EyeFandom: ITDate: 2018-09-27–2018-12-30Length: 19,675Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
It’s okay, though, Eddie tells himself. It’s all fine. This is part of their arrangement. This is a casual thing they have going. It’s his own stupid fault for catching feelings for someone he agreed to casually fuck. Especially when that person is his best friend from childhood. (Reddie)
Fall Away From Me is my favoriteee fic!! Em is such a talented writer omg.

Officer!Mike AU, Archived version by StrangersItFandom: IT/Stranger ThingsDate: 2019-01-14–2019-02-17Length: 3,349Medium: FanfictionStatus: Incomplete
Mike Wheeler is a cop, and has a frustrating amount of chemistry with a local rebel. (Wheelzier)
out up in the trees (like I meant it), Archived version by StrangersItFandom: IT/Stranger ThingsDate: 2018-07-21Length: 1,720Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Richie wants to make it to the Hanlon farm without distractions. Mike has other plans. (Wheelzier)
StrangersIt’s Wheelzier is so good omg I’m linking all of it.

Drag it out of me, Archived version by Jack Sevlin RipleyFandom: IT/Stranger ThingsDate: 2018-10-22Length: 2,872Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
For the anonymous request I received in my inbox on tumblr: for the kink prompts: multiple orgasms/overstimulation for wheelzier?
And of course the Wheelzier I requested from Jack like,, wow,,,, Jack truly delivered.

Commissioned Works

Of Her Own

My favorite that I’ve written is a short little Wheelzier piece ... it’s v(ery) self-indulgent and sweet in my humble opinion but yeah very tailored to my own tastes.

Example Fanworks




To Tonight and the Future AO3, Archived version by WonderWheelzierFandom: ITDate: Jun 19th, 2019Length: 2,597Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Established Relationship, Fluff, Smut, University AU
have some college grad bev and her loving and supportive boyfriend!!
a kiss as encouragement Tumblr, Archived version by WonderWheelzierFandom: ITDate: Oct 8th, 2018Length: 543Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Fluff
they are truly precious, love these soft bois<3 thanks for the prompt!!
a kiss in danger Tumblr, Archived version by WonderWheelzierFandom: ITDate: Oct 8th, 2018Length: 553Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
thank you so much!! okay so i kind of cheated bc this is after they get away from the danger lol, hope that’s all right <3 this is set after the scene in the book when they escape from the neibolt werewolf the first time when it’s just the two of them
Different Kind of Phone Sex AO3, Archived version & Tumblr, Archived version by WonderWheelzierFandom: ITDate: 2019-05-12Length: 1,601Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Anal Sex, 'Baby', Bottom Eddie Kaspbrak, Chest Kissing, Cuddling, Cumming Together, Engaged, Forehead Kissing, Hair Kissing, Hair Touching, Hugging, Jaw Kissing, Making Out, Neck Kissing, Nipple Play, Sex While on the Phone, Smut, Staying Quiet During Sex, Top Richie Tozier
for a request where richie fucks eddie while he's on the phone (& Bill Denbrough)
  • "I Wanna Hear You" [ AO3] | [ Tumblr]
  • I Want Your Midnights [ AO3] | [ Tumblr]
  • Come On, Baby, Calm Me Down
Bichie AO3, Archived version by WonderWheelzierFandom: ITDate: Jun 25th, 2018Length: 644Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
hey! so this is gonna be a small series of short, discrete hurt/comfort one shots of various IT ships (based on the lyrics “come on baby, calm me down, you’re the only one who knows how” from the song “skeleton” by the front bottoms)
    • Stanlon
    • Reddie




One Direction


Stranger Things


  • drunk max/DD lucas
  • gym couple lumax
  • mike and max sneaking around
  • mike, max, and dustin buzzfeed unsolved au
  • more nsfw madwheeler
  • nsfw lumax
  • soft lumax
  • the party’s first pride




The Goldfinch



IT/Stranger Things

  • el and stan as professors
  • el and stan as ~quirky~ soulmates
  • mike w is richie’s TA
  • more soft wheelzier
  • nsfw elstan
  • richie taking care of a sick mike
  • soft wheelzier
  • wheelzier shotgunning


Jack and Em (reddie-for-anything) and Amelia (tinyarmedtrex) and Kimmi (stylesmelon) and El (onlyreddie) because they’re all super kind to me and make great content! And HOLLY (constantreaderfool) oh my goodness!! Holly is the kindest I love her. And Madi (marsisaplanetyall) is so lovely. And Amy (eddiefuckinkaspbrak)!! Is so talented and nice!! So many kind and talented people!! There are also a lot of Mileven blogs I loveeee but I’m shy.


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