Robin Buckley

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Name: Robin Buckley
Occupation: Affiliate of Scoops Troop
Employee at Scoops Ahoy
Fandom: Stranger Things
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Robin Buckley is a character who first appears in the third season of Stranger Things. She is a part of Scoops Troop, a group comprising of herself, Steve Harrington, Dustin Henderson and Erica Sinclair.

In season four, she becomes a more central part of the Hawkins group including researching at the library with Nancy, going undercover with Nancy to interview Victor Creel, and going into the Upside Down to fight Vecna with Eddie, Nancy and Steve.



Within the show itself, Robin's sexuality wasn't specified, though it's implied she's a lesbian rather than bi, and the fandom opinion generally tends to reflect that. However, bi headcanons very much do exist.



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