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Name/s: Oscar, Zed, error_cascade
Fandom/s: Major Fandoms:
Star Trek
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Harry Potter
Good Omens
The Hunger Games
Fandoms of Peripheral Interest:
The Handmaiden
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
X-Men Movieverse
Angel: the series
Black Lightning
Joker (film)
Sherlock (TV Series)
Greek Mythology
Nu Who
You can find me at: error_cascade AO3 account
Meta on Femslash (mostly inactive sideblog/archive on tumblr)
ficquote (intermittently active fic rec side-blog on tumblr)
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Hi! I go by error_cascade or zed. You can use any pronouns to describe me, although ze/zir/zirs are probably my favourite.

I'm currently focusing quite a bit on editing pages in Category:Fannish Podcasts. In the past I've focused on fan films; the hunger games characters, pairings and fic; trying to flesh out Category:Worm and Category:The Good Place. I'm a big propponent of adding some level of plot summary/info to fanwork pages as well. Feel free to say something on my talk page if you notice convergent editing interests. :)

A Vague Approximation of Fannish History

My fannish interests started very young, with a near-obsessive focus on the Star Trek franchise, particularly the 24th century shows (Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, and Star Trek: VOY). I had over 100 beta canon novels that I would arrange chronologically (by my own approximation of events). I also totally wrote a script (aka fanfic) in my very very youthful youth where Harry Kim has to deal with some troubles (TM) as acting captain while on nightshift. I also made a playdough approximation of B'Elanna's forehead ridges as a costume for a graciously cooperative family member. I also loved reading through canon compendiums of facts and behind the scenes stuff, Wikipedia pages, whatever.

I didn't really discover internet fandom or fic until fairly recently (and yes, I missed the print zine era). I assume most fanfiction would be bad (clearly changed my mind on that one). I started reading Harry Potter fanfiction in my late teens. Most of it was bad, but there was enough id appeal in even the worst fics to make me think hey, let's see if there's something to all this. I really enjoyed the rational fic genre that came out of HPMOR, which in itself I didn't enjoy as much.

I'd generally consider myself part of the tumblr era of fandom, although I have engaged in fannish groups on Facebook, Reddit, and (briefly) DeviantArt.

I also participated quite extensively in writing reviews on the now-defunct Ficdb.

I have written a few fics (available on my AO3 on my sidebar), but most of my fannish activity is in things like reviews, comments, adding image descriptions to fanart for accessibility, short meta commentary, jokes, etc.

Two of my shorter headcanon-y/meta posts for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fandom have inspired others to write fic, which tickles me greatly.

Some of the things I like in fandom: meta, femslash, stories with complicated characters, fancrafts, nuanced discussions about the role of fiction (like On the Subject of Noncon Fanworks: Thoughts of a Reader, Writer, Survivor, not weird wank).


Some ships I enjoy:

  • Ezri Dax/Lenara Kahn
  • Valkyrie x Loki (MCU iterations, flexible wrt gender)
  • Kira Nerys/Kimara Cretak
  • Ultimates (Marvel 1610) Steve/Tony, 616 Stevetony
  • MCU Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
  • slightly dysfunctional johnlock
  • Eve Polastri/Villanelle
  • MCU Valkyrie in most combinations, except the canon one Valkyrie/Thor. She pairs good with Natasha, Melinda May, Nebula, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Nakia...
  • Rachel Lindt (Bitch) and Taylor Hebert (Skitter) from Worm
  • Tony x Rhodey
  • Seven of Nine/Raffi Musiker
  • Kira/Kasidy; Benjamin Sisko/Kasidy, Vash/Kasidy, Keiko/Kasidy...

Page Creations

See User:Error cascade/Page Creations


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Personal Sandbox

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