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Name: romanoff
Alias(es): tonystarxk
Type: Fanfiction writer
Fandoms: MCU, Avengers Movieverse
URL: romanoff on AO3
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Fannish history/bio; commentary on their writing style, etc

romanoff is a fan writer who primarily writes Steve/Tony slash in the MCU fandom. Two of their most popular series are Blue Lips, Blue Veins, which covers the timeline from before Iron Man past The Avengers; and held, a BDSM AU fic.

Author's Notes

romanoff regularly writes additional commentary in their author's notes on AO3, enough that it's something of a regular feature in their fanfiction. For example:

"Goddamnit Obie"[1] From chapter 13 of Blue Lips, Blue Veins
"So to answer some questions:


From chapter 85 of Blue Lips, Blue Veins

I love A/B/O AUs. They're a way of twisting societal norms and exploring them. And I just can't shake the idea that, humans being humans, in any universe, would let 50% of the population just dip off overnight and not do anything about it."[3]

From Chapter 1 of Sharp Teeth
"yes, i left this for over a year. but i finished it!

if you're still reading, hope you enjoyed."[4]

From the final chapter of A More Perfect Union

Notable Fanworks

7 Things Steve Rogers Found Out About Tony Stark & The One Thing He Found Out About Him Date: May 19, 2014Length: 22,458 wordsGenre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Not Actually Unrequited Love, Howard Stark's A+ Parenting, PTSD
"Steve likes Tony. Tony likes Steve. They just don't know it yet.

Steve goes on a voyage of discovery for his favourite billionaire. It doesn't quite go as planned.

Seven one-shots from the lives of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and how they fell in love. Aww."
Blue Lips, Blue Veins Date: July 22, 2014Length: 300,915 wordsGenre: Angst, Howard Stark's A+ Parenting, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD, Slash, Steve/Tony, Pre-canon
"Tony Stark is Iron Man.

Before that, he was an man with bigger heart than brain. Before that, he was an asshole with a bigger mouth than sense. And before that, he was was a scared little boy. Not that it matters. Stark's always have had iron in their backbone."
(nothing left to lose) Date: September 18, 2016Length: 29,309 wordsGenre: Steve/Tony, Original Characters, Slash, background Het, PTSD, Depression, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
"An alternate universe where Steve wins the Civil War.

It doesn't go well for Tony."
A More Perfect Union Date: June 20, 2017Length: 157,653 wordsGenre: Alpha/Beta/Omega, Angst, Dubious Consent, Bucky/Tony/Steve, Poly, Slash
"Post 'Civil War', Tony is forced to make some very hard decisions. He'll do what it takes to protect his own, even if Steve hasn't been seen in months. He'll do what he has to do to."
and so begins Date: April 28, 2019Length: 7806 wordsGenre: Angst, Steve/Tony, Fix it
"After Tony's death, Steve is adrift. He carries Tony's body, and thinks: I never said thank you."


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