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Name: Amanda Palmer
Also Known As: AFP, Amanda Fucking Palmer
Occupation: Musician, songwriter
Medium: Punk-Cabaret, Alternative
Works: Solo works (including Who Killed Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra); Collaborations with Jason Webley (Evelyn Eveyln); The Dresden Dolls
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Amanda Palmer is a musician, known for her role in The Dresden Dolls, the Evelyn Evelyn concept album, and her many solo-works. She is also well known for her use of crowdfunding on Kickstarter and her TED talk on the subject. Palmer has a consistent philosophy around engaging with fans of her music; she also has something of an anti-fandom.

Relationship to Fans

Palmer interacts frequently with her fanbase in a variety of ways. For example, as mentioned below, she sometimes uses fanart of herself on her social media. She is also a frequent blogger and uses (and updates) a variety of social media with the purpose of fostering relationships with her fanbase.

After leaving the Dresden Dolls and releasing her first solo album, she blogged about her record label wanted to digitally alter a video of her belly from the filming of Leeds United.[1] This resulted in a supportive fan campaign, known as The Rebellyon, where fans took pictures of their bellies, often with messages aimed at Roadrunner Records. The campaign received mainstream media attention, including from The Guardian.[2] The various pictures were collection on a website (, which now appears to be defunct.



RPF of Amanda is sometimes tagged as bandom.[3]

Other fanfiction treats Amanda not just as an RPF character, but as a character in her music videos and songs. The pairing of Amanda Palmer/The Astronaut (from the Who Killed Amanda Palmer album) stands out on AO3 (and interestingly, has been written as het and femslash).[4]

Visual Art

See Amanda Palmer Eyes, a photo manip by David Lindes for one example of art featuring the musician's eyebrows. (Original image viewable here)

Amanda is a popular subject for fanart and fan photography, likely due to her eclectic sense of style. Her eyebrows (sometimes waxed off and redrawn with sharpie) feature fairly often.

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