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Name: Raffaela "Raffi" Musiker
Occupation: Former Starfleet intelligence officer
Relationships: Complicated platonic history with Jean-Luc Picard.
Fandom: Star Trek: Picard
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Raffi Musiker is one of the main characters of Star Trek: Picard. She is introduced as a former Starfleet intelligence officer who lost her career after Jean-Luc Picard is unable to convince the Federation to provide aid to the Romulans. During and after season one, a significant amount of fan focus on Raffi is centered around the Seven/Raffi femslash ship.

Fan Reception

A couple of fans used a canon line where Raffi says she will "be straight with [Picard]" as an opportunity to headcanon Raffi as bisexual or lesbian.[1][2] Raffi's backstory implies that she was living in poverty after being fired from Starfleet, something some fans have objected to based on how it impacts Star Trek's utopian worldbuilding.[3]



Femslash shipping has mostly focused around shipping Raffi and Seven of Nine; however, the pairing of Raffi and Agnes Jurati, sometimes smooshed as Juraffi has a few proponents.

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