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Name: Sue aka The Android
Alias(es): Fiona Pickles, Sue S., Sue J., SJ, Daisy Wheel, Evonne Keele, Katy Katana, Kathleen Jay, Danielette, Kim Baker, Lee Strachan, Shaw Thing, Sue Jenkins, Eve Trevor, Stuartsky etc. etc. etc.
Type: Author, zine publisher, convention organiser
Fandoms: Star Trek, Blake's 7, Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals and others too numerous to list
Communities: conventions: Dobeycon, A Weekend in the Country, Devacon, Santacon, Amerikon, Just William Con
Other: Blue Jay Press, Crevichon Press
URL: The Android's Dungeon (now offline)
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Sue aka The Android aka Fiona Pickles aka Sue S. aka Sue J. aka SJ aka Daisy Wheel aka Evonne Keele aka Katy Katana aka Kathleen Jay aka Danielette aka Kim Baker aka Lee Strachan aka Shaw Thing aka Eve Trevor aka Stuartsky etc. etc. etc.

Best-known for being unknown, the author originally of gen fiction but since the mid-1980s exclusively in slash; involved in fandom of one kind or another since the late 1970s with strong contributions to many notable fannish endeavours.

Media Fandom

First wrote Star Trek fiction, which was soon superseded by Blake's 7 gen fiction and in 1980 co-authored Forever Autumn, the first Starsky and Hutch slash zine. In The Professionals fandom, wrote what is believed to be the first-ever Bodie/Doyle slash, Power Play; copies of which circulated in late 1980/early 1981.

Temporarily retired from fandom in the 1980s, returning to media slash in 1986 with Undercover, followed by a further break and then the quarterly slash letterzine Late For Breakfast from April 1989 until April 1992 and subsequently Oxford Blue, Newcastle Brown, kick-starting Morse/Lewis fandom in the UK. Both publications were taken over by others and subsequently discontinued.

From 2001, the author's fannish activity was transferred online with the first version of The Android's Dungeon and later to her more recent blog The Android's Dungeon which has been flourishing ever since. Recent additions are: Hierarchy of Needs, 2007, (The West Wing novel, Josh Lyman/Matt Santos), and Hearts'-ease, 2009, (Henry/Montjoy novel) based on Branagh's 1989 Henry V.

Another bio, this one from the first progress report for MediaWest*Con: "Found fandom in 1978-9 through Star Trek Welcommittee and started writing. 1979-80 produced first 9 issues of gen multi-media 'zine Enigma, first Starsky/Hutch slashzine Forever Autumn, & wrote the first Professionals slash story, “Power Play.” Responsible for Hatstand genre. Wrote in more than 32 universes (Listed 21 pseudonyms & press names Blue Jay Press, Titans West Press, Crevichon Press). Convention organizer of Dobeycons (S&H), Weekends in the Country (Professionals), Amerikon (Knight Rider, A Team, Remington Steele), Just William Con (Shatner), Santacon (1984) & Santacon 86.... Re-entered fandom 1988 with slashzine Undercover, becoming series of 'zines Uncharted Waters running through 1997. After a short break transferred activities to internet, with website Android's Dungeon ( since 2001." [1]

Zine Publisher

In 1981 she joined forces with Pamela D. as Blue Jay Press to edit and produce fanzines. They produced and distributed the first stories on what became The Circuit, otherwise The Professionals slash or Hatstand fandom. Issues 1-9 of the genzine Enigma appeared between 1981 and 1985, after which it continued under Pamela D. and Marilyn W. who produced a further six issues. Enigma was a multifandom genzine with standard 90 pages, allowing simple calculations of price, materials and postage; a similar formula was repeated with Uncharted Waters.

Uncharted Waters

The first Uncharted Waters slash zine was published in 1988 under the imprint Crevichon Press. The series ran until 1997; early issues were duplicated but later ones photocopied when equipment became available. The series showcased many new slash fandoms, with the first Jeeves/Wooster story My Man Jeeves in 1991 (Uncharted Waters 4) and the first Morse/Lewis, Oak and Mistletoe, in (Uncharted Waters 5) 1992. Also notable was the Lovejoy/Alexander Felsham series, collected as The Fake's Progress in 1994. Uncharted Waters ceased publication in 1997.

Uncharted Waters saw much early work by writers who have since gone on to achieve acclaim online. It was considered a safe haven for fandoms and pairings not received sympathetically elsewhere, although stories were romantic rather than explicit.

One-off Zines

Several one-off zines were produced at this time; these included The Eightfold Fence, a slash novel based on James Clavell's Shogun (John Blackthorne/Martin Alvito) and The First Duty, a long slash novel originating in BBC's Colditz, with pairings of Player/Carrington and Ulmann/Kommandant. The latter was co-written with fan author Sal, whose contribution was substantial. Alongside these, Hysterical Historicals, 1996, contained two stories - one, As Lucifer Fell, may have been the first Valjean/Javert Les Miserables slash story to see print.

Con Organiser

Ran several small conventions in York, for example Dobeycon, A Weekend in the Country, Amerikon and, as con-organiser-for-hire, Just William Con (for William Shatner fans). Later was instrumental in running Santacon, 1984 at the (then) Dragonara Hotel, Leeds, and Santacon '86, at the Viking Hotel, York. These were the first British media conventions to be held at Christmas.


Became involved with Pamela D. and Marilyn W. in organising the Devacon slash conventions in Chester during the 1990s.

Notable Works


A cover designed by CeskaSoda, for the fic The Real Captain Hastings.

Notable slash fiction by Sue aka The Android aka Fiona Pickles etc.:



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