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Name: Colditz
Creator: Gerard Glaister
Date(s): 1972
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: IMDb
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Colditz is a landmark BBC television series loosely based on two books of reminiscences by Pat Reid, "The Colditz Story" and "Latter Days at Colditz", recounting some of the adventures which befell the Allied prisoners-of-war held at Colditz Castle in Lower Saxony during the Second World War.

The superlative cast included David McCallum as Simon Carter, Jack Hedley as Colonel Preston, Bernard Hepton as the Kommandant and Robert Wagner as Phil Carrington. Many other actors of high quality were also involved; Patrick Troughton, Jeremy Kemp, Michael Bryant and even Dennis Waterman wandered through various episodes, and the series was largely responsible for the almost-superstar status accorded to Anthony Valentine throughout the 1970s.

Much of the filming was necessarily studio-bound and this was a series which was particularly well suited to such a claustrophobic setting. Exteriors of Colditz itself were filmed at Stirling Castle in Scotland which bears a striking resemblance to the original, with some location filming also taking place in Derbyshire.

The BBC released the full series on DVD in 2010.


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Other than viewing and discussion of episodes, the first known fannish activity connected with this series was the production of a slash novel entitled The First Duty which has come to be very highly regarded in fandom as a whole. Some additional works in the Colditz fandom can be found on the Archive of Our Own. The Escape Committee is around should you care to look for it.[citation needed]

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