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Name: Devacon
Dates: 1992-1996
Location: Chester, UK
Type: fan con
Focus: slash
Founder: ? for the first four, Sandi Chapman for the fifth one
Founding Date:
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Devacon was a small fan run slash convention that took place in the early 1990s in the UK.

It averaged around 35 to 50 attendees.

The convention also put out a con zine, Friends Will Be Friends (ex. Issue #4 was released in connection with Devacon 4 in 1995).

Among the many amusements at the convention, fans would gather at a local Pizza Hut and scribble round robins on paper napkins.




The zine Friends Will Be Friends #3 debuted at this con.


One fan remembers the 1995 con:
I rediscovered Starsky and Hutch only last March at my first multi-media"/" convention. (Devacons 3 and 4 in Chester were very enjoyable weekends). On the journey to the con I found myself hoping I would find S/H zines, although I don't know why; K/S was my reason for attending, and I hadn't thought about David or Paul since my schooldays. Fortunately, the zine trilogy "One More Mountain", "One More River" and "No Easy Answers" was on sale in the dealer's room. Although I had never seen "Sweet Revenge" and thought the shooting was "fan-fictional", I thought the story was wonderful and couldn't put down the zines until I had devoured every word.[1]


1-3 November 1996, Stafford Hotel, City Road, Chester.

flyer for the 1996 con

For those of you who have never attended a DEVACON before, it is a multi-media convention at which the '/' takes precedence. It is also probably the most laid-back, unstructured convention you are likely to find. Formal programming is kept to a minimum, the emphasis is on a chance to absorb and exchange ideas in a setting free of all external interruptions and with a bunch of like-minded people. Of course, you will still find the usual con-related events, like discussion groups, videos, a dealers' room, zine library and writers' workshop.

All fandom's are welcome, regardless of size, age, origin or improbability - and you would be amazed at how often the cry of "I thought I was the only one who sees that....!' goes up.[2]
Can I just say here that if you are looking for a really laid back fandom-related event, you could do worse that come to DEVACON. Okay, I know I'm biased as I'm organising it this year, but I've been to 4 of them as an attendee and I can honestly say the only thing I've ever been bullied/persuaded to do is take the helm for No 5. I think one of the advantages is that Devacon is not tied to any one specific series or genre, anything and everything is welcome and there is always someone around ready to discuss ft. I've discovered several new fandom through silly late-night conversations. There is a programme of sorts, but it is very loose with lots of free time, and there are plenty of places where you can sit and talk or read without putting yourself on public display or having to worry about those zines with the covers we all love to hate! There is also a zine library, a dealer's section and a charity auction, and this year we hope to have a video library as well, for those times when someone feels like just crashing out in front of a favourite episode. If anyone out there is interested, drop me a line at the convention address.[3]


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