The Android's Dungeon

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Name: The Android's Dungeon
Owner/Maintainer: Sue the Android
Fandom: multifandom
URL: Wayback link
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The Android's Dungeon was a website created by Sue the Android.

It contained fiction by Sue the Android, MerLyn, Chris Power, and others.

The site also housed essays, recommendations, and commentary.


Some Links to Old Pages

Why the stoopid name?

This site is named after the comic book shop in ‘The Simpsons’. The guy who runs the shop is my role model – a fat, scarcastic ‘Star Trek’ fan who downloads things from the Internet with a dodgy modem. His favourite expression is "Worst episode ever!"

So, who the hell is ‘The Android‘?

I have gone by a lot of aliases in the past and no doubt will again; my real name will not be difficult to deduce for anyone who has been long in fandom, but for now I prefer to remain merely ‘The Android’. If you want further biographical information, look under 'This Android' elsewhere on the site.

Does this site accept submissions of fiction?

That all depends, my friend. Most of the authors who appear are here by personal invitation, because I happen to like their work and because they are not archived elsewhere. However we are certainly not closed to other submissions, although we would need to be familiar with the universe in which they are set. (It‘s no use sending anything animé-based, for a start.) To get an idea of the site’s prejudices and likely response to your work, please read 'What Isn't Slash'. If you are still uncertain and would like to discuss your ideas, please e-mail me. And while I’m on this self-indulgent tack, I’m also enclosing a wish list of fiction I have yet to find but would dearly love to read.

Where are all the codes, categories, warnings, ratings and the other junk we’ve come to expect?

I’m not American. (Well, duh!) This means that codes like NC-17, PG-13 etc. are completely alien to me. I could probably at a pinch use British film codes for these stories, but they’d be just as foreign to a lot of readers. Besides, I have a feeling they’d all come out at roughly the same code, which would make it a useless exercise. If you’re not aware that these are slash stories, you shouldn’t be here in the first place. Other than that; there is very little violence, not a great deal of graphic sex, no character death and no RPS. I positively refuse to categorise fiction under headings like ‘smarm’ and ‘schmoop’ - for heaven’s sake, what ugly and meaningless words! Romance and angst feature in every story; they go with the territory. As for PWP – not on this website, sunshine! If there are spoilers for episodes you haven’t seen, that’s just tough. I expect you to take responsibility for your own reading choices, and if you don’t like what you find here you are free to leave at any time.

So, what constitutes good slash fiction?

My views about what slash isn’t are adequately expressed elsewhere. I have also sounded off on the subject of MPREG (male pregnancy) stories. If you are curious to know what makes good slash in my opinion, you will find a list of my all time Top Twelve stories elsewhere on this site. I tried for a Top Ten, but in the end I couldn’t narrow it down any further. In fact, I am constantly reminded of things that could have been included and from time to time I meet new stories that may eventually challenge some of these for supremacy. At the moment, however, these are the pieces of fan fiction I would whole-heartedly recommend; they are the ones I would take away to the legendary BBC Desert Island if I was ever invited to be cast away there. [1]