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An Edosian (sometimes Edoan) is an intelligent tripodal species -- three arms and three dog-like legs -- first appearing in Filmation's Star Trek: The Animated Series, and represented by the character of Lieutenant Arex, voiced by James Doohan. The yellow-eyed, orange-skinned character has been included in numerous licensed Star Trek novels and comics over the years. Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek Logs adaptations of the episodes identified Arex as an "Edoan" and included a few extra scenes with Arex and others of that species.

In 2020, the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks featured an unnamed Edosian medical specialist (voiced by Fred Tatasciore). He commanded the Division 14 ship Osler in the episode, "Much Ado About Boimler".

Canon Information

The species name was never attributed directly in the aired episodes, although the term "Edosian" had been name-dropped in both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Edosian orchids) and Star Trek: Enterprise (Edosian suckerfish). More information about Edosians can be found at Memory Alpha. For a time (1989-1991), the canonicity of the animated series was put into limbo, while Filmation was being wound down and the rights issues for all of the company's back catalogue of productions were being clarified.


Additional information about Edosians in licensed tie-in media can be found at Memory Beta. Lincoln Enterprises used to sell a short biography of Arex (from the 1974 mail order catalog).[1] The licensed Star Trek: New Frontier novels written by Peter David suggested that Arex was actually a "Triexian"[2] - and the root of this confusion was touched upon in a short story, "The Road to Edos" by Kevin Dilmore, in the anthology, New Frontier: No Limits. Since then, other licensed novels have added more Edosian and Triexian characters.

Curt Danhauser has been creating and uploading his own animated episodes in the distinctive style of Filmation. Several of these feature Edosians.[3] Go to Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Trek: New Episodes.

While few cosplayers have attempted live-action renditions of Edosians at conventions, advances in CGI technology saw the fanfilm group, "Star Trek: Phase II", transform one of their actors (below) into Arex for a vignette, "Going Boldly"[4], also downloadable at the Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II International website. Christopher Doohan, son of James, paid homage to his father by voicing Arex's lines at the USS Enterprise's navigation console as well as playing a live-action Scotty.[5] CGI by Tobias Richter.

Example Fanworks


  • "Hoodwinked" by Ian McLean in Beyond Antares #18/19. In the weeks after Star Trek: The Motion Picture, several old friends return and a new Andorian first officer fills in for Spock on the USS Enterprise. (Awarded Second Place, long story, Astrex Literary Contest.)
  • "The Last Talosian" by Ian McLean in Beyond Antares and Katra #8. The alien crew of the USS Hood, including First Officer Arex, take the enigmatic Admiral Certaine to Talos IV to rescue Christopher Pike and Vina. (Encouragement Award, Astrex Literary Contest.)
  • "The Further Voyages: An interactive tribute to Star Trek PBEM/Forum RPG" by Steven (ret.) in Writing.com website. Edosian species is a character choice in this 31-chapter interactive story.[6]
  • "For Enterprise" by Steve Wilson in Vault of Tomorrow #11. Arex and M'Ress do their bit to help Kirk steal the Enterprise.[7]

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