Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers

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Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Alternative name(s): Shieldshock [1], Starcy
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Thor Movieverse/Captain America Movieverse (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: Common
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Darcy/Steve is a non-canon pairing of Darcy Lewis and Steve Rogers (Captain America) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Darcy/Steve pairing is a fairly popular het ship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom despite the fact that two have yet to meet (or even appear in the same movie together[2]).

The pairing started to appear by November 2011, months after the first Thor and Captain America films were released[3]. However, it wasn't until 2012 and after the release of The Avengers film that the pairing's popularity grew. The LiveJournal community, steve_darcy, was created in August 2012[4]. By 2013, a few big name fans - victoria_p, sarcastic_fina, Merideath - posted Darcy/Steve fanfiction, which probably gained the ship more followers. The two Tumblr blogs were created in 2013: darcy-and-steve was opened in February[5] and fuckyeahstevedarcy opened in April[6].

In 2015, nessimore created a Darcy/Steve Month Promptathon for September/October.

Common Fanon & Themes


  • Shield Shock is the fanciful name of Darcy/Steve pairing and the most popular. This name comes from Steve's Captain America Shield and Darcy's tazor which gives people a shock.
  • Starcy is the smushname of Darcy and Steve, and is rarely used.



  • Through Our Eyes written by DaisyLuuWho Steve and Darcy know each other very well before Steve even becomes the First Avenger. It started even before they knew what was going on. [In Your Eyes movie AU]
  • How to Marry a Superhero written by katiedid, rated teen: So you want to marry a superhero? Depending on the superhero, the task may be next to impossible. But if you can manage to follow Darcy Lewis' 10 Easy Steps, you may find yourself with a ring on your finger in no time. Or you may start a Civil War. Either way, good times.
  • Break The Ice written by fade_like_starlight, After Steve is photographed at a publicity event with a woman who is 'almost' wearing a dress, Fury demands that Coulson fix it. Rather than shutting down the entire tabloid magazine industry (which really is outside SHIELD's parameters), Coulson takes a different approach and decides to find a girlfriend for the Captain.
  • Seafoam Eyes written by wineandroses, rated Mature : What makes the years we live important is how we choose to live them... and who we choose to live them with. [Darcy has Benjamin Button disease]
  • Making a Memory written by Blinded-Kit, rated teen: Darcy kidnaps Steve to show him all the history she can before S.H.I.E.L.D figures out where she has taken him.
  • Skipping written by missmissa85, rated teen: You don't just skip through sixty years of American history. The results are often quite painful, as a young intern has to explain to an Army Captain out of his era.
  • Rest Your Arms written by innocent-vessel, rated teen: Steve Rogers didn't like Darcy Lewis. Not much. Not at first.
  • Hey There, Stranger (Wanna Fall In Love?) written by sarcastic_fina, rated teen: New to New York, Darcy was just trying to adapt and find her place when a stalker sends her right into the seat across from Steve Rogers, a stranger struggling with his own journey in life. In each other, they find both friendship and so much more.
  • Freaking Hipsters written by anothersouladrift, rated teen: The dame was not only built like a pin up, but had spotted that he was Captain America, and called him out on it. And on top of all that, she had made a comic book joke? Steve thought he might be a little bit in love.


  • Food for Thought written by AmazonX, Steve isn't adjusting to the 21st century as well as most people think. A lot of things are different, especially the food.
  • 7A WF 83429 written by musesfool, rated Adult, "In the box where it says, "If you do not have a significant other at the time of the biochemical event, to whom do you grant consent to have sex with you should circumstances require it?" Darcy writes, "Captain America." Because that's a thing that's ever going to happen." (Sex Pollen)
  • Candy Crush by ac_MaryAgnes, Darcy had a crush on Captain America. And one on Steve Rogers. And no, there was no way she'd ever be able to actually talk to him. Dude was like Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way. And Darcy... well, she was also practically perfect, but when it came to actually talking to someone she was attracted to... not so much. But that didn't mean she couldn't say anything at all. (also has Jane/Thor and Clintasha)
  • Riding Out the Day's Events by GlynnisIsta8, SHIELD's fall had ramifications for all characters in the Avengers MCU, including Darcy Lewis. When Darcy goes to visit Erik Selvig in a SHIELD psychiatric hospital after a few days of living unplugged (& sulking over a breakup), she gets a lot more than she bargained for, and then finds her way more and more into the Avengers' world... and Steve Rogers' life. (Post-CA:TWS, Slow build, Torture/PTSD - also includes Jane/Thor, Betty/Bruce. WIP.)



fem!Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis fanart by Ponderosa, created for Avengers Big Bang 2012 for the story Makeouts in the Modern World.



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