Cascade Times Awards/2005

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All nominations, chosen from The Sentinel fanfiction, are listed below. The winners are indicated with bold typeface.

This is archived here, Archived version.


Favorite alternate universe story

  • Choosing Life by Myrna
  • A Matter of Minutes by JudyL
  • Twice Again by Donna Gentry
  • Walking With Dark Angels by C.D. Stewart
  • A Wolf's Cry by Kateri

Favorite angst story

  • The End by Demeter
  • Letter to Blair by StarWatcher
  • Over the Edge by JudyL
  • Sometimes by Xasphie
  • World Turned Upside Down by L.A. Adolf

Favorite "Could Have Been An Episode" story

  • Attribute of the Strong by LKY
  • Flies in an Emerald Web by Freya-Kendra
  • It's About Friendship by Arianna
  • Love and Other Bruises by Annie
  • Mistaken Identity by JET

Favorite crossover story

  • You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks by Gil Hale (with The Professionals)
  • Connections by JudyL (with CSI)
  • The Out of Towners by by KimAnne and Liz (with Stargate: SG1)
  • Mixed Signals by Lori Wright (with Stargate: SG1)
  • Our Unconquerable Soul by Sealie (with Poltergeist: The Legacy)

Favorite drama story

  • Revolution by Fluterbev
  • Teddy's Imp by Shedoc
  • Quiet Desperation by Arianna
  • Motion of Discovery by Rimilod
  • Ordeal by Martha

Favorite epilogue or missing scene (TIE)

  • Payback's a Banana by Gil Hale
  • Watermark by Tate
  • The Rest of Forever by Donna Gentry
  • The Ones Who Love You Best by Crowswork
  • Living in Silence by Twilight

Favorite horror/scary

  • Bag of Bones by Sealie
  • Swings the Scaly Horror of His Folded Tail by LKY
  • Soul Eaters by Anne Roquemore
  • Nahual by Peregrine
  • Save the Lash Dance For Me by Caro Dee

Favorite humor story

  • Don't Mess Around With Jim by JudyL
  • Arnaud, You Don't by Gil Hale
  • Home Alone by Johanna C.A. Fally
  • Monkey Business by Twilight
  • Auld Lang Syne All Over Again by Hephaistos

Favorite smarm/warm fuzzy story

  • Chinks in the Armor by Donna Gentry
  • The Honor of Friendship by StarWatcher
  • Essence by Becky
  • The Portable Jack Kerouac by Martha
  • Hope's Companion by Jess Riley

Favorite alternate universe series

  • Hippy and Goldilocks universe by Gil Hale
  • Roachia Series by Cindy Combs
  • A Part of Me Series by Jess Riley
  • The Slaver Series by Doggy J
  • Night Eagle Series by Donna Gentry

Favorite series

  • Evolution Series by Annie
  • Ordinary Magic Series by Dasha
  • The Vet Series by JudyL
  • Uncle Buck series by LKY
  • Dawn to Dark series by Fluterbev

Special Category—Favorite Holiday story

  • Attach With Love by Susan Williams
  • Christmas Whenever We Want by Lyn
  • Duck Takes A Holiday by Iris Wilde
  • Easter by Mpala
  • Home For Christmas by Jess Riley
  • Ice by Mackie
  • Just The Fax by LRH Balzer
  • Kindred Spirits by Lanning Cook
  • Lord of the Drunks by Arnie
  • Santa Bandits by LKY
  • The Spirit of Christmas Present by JudyL
  • Tchapade by Red Soprano
  • Turkey Over Easy by Sis
  • Who Shot Santa Claus? by Arianna

Special Category—Favorite TSbyBS epilogue or missing scene

  • Choice Reflection by Shallan
  • Faith by Autumn Skies
  • Forward Movement by Sis
  • A Grief Observed by Lyn
  • Point of Departure by Aubrey Robin
  • Ripples by Becky
  • The Road Not Taken by Cindy Combs
  • Sevens by Lacy
  • A Thousand Words by Hephaistos
  • You Damned Well Better by StarWatcher


Favorite Original Character (good or bad, male or female)

  • The Killer from Dead Man Walking by Orion
  • Lucas in the A Part Of Me series by Jess Riley
  • The Neighbor in The Neighbors by Ronnee
  • Serial killer David Samuels in Love & Other Bruises & The Reason For It All by Annie
  • David Lash's mother in Closet Monsters by Iris Wilde


Favorite alternate universe fanfic writer {TIE}

  • Susan Foster
  • C.D. Stewart
  • Donna Gentry
  • Rimilod
  • Delilah

Favorite angst fanfic writer

  • Donna Gentry
  • Fluterbev
  • Arianna
  • Jess Riley
  • Leesa Perrie
  • L.A. Adolf

Favorite drama fanfic writer

  • Donna Gentry
  • Fluterbev
  • LKY
  • Tate
  • L.A. Adolf
  • Arianna
  • KAM
  • Fidus Amicus
  • Twilight
  • Lyn

Favorite horror fanfic writer

  • Sealie
  • Kikkimax
  • Danae
  • LKY
  • Martha

Favorite humor fanfic writer

  • Gil Hale
  • JudyL
  • Arnie
  • Delilah
  • Hephaistos

Favorite new fanfic writer (as of March 2004)

  • Arnie
  • Dreamweaver
  • L.A. Adolf
  • Leesa Perrie
  • ljc
  • Romanse
  • Saoirse

Favorite smarm/warm-fuzzy fanfic writer

  • Annie
  • Becky
  • JET
  • JudyL
  • Kitty
  • LKY
  • Martha

Favorite writing partners

  • Lyn & Annie
  • Martha & Kitty


Favorite Sentinel website

  • Brothers In Arms
  • Caro Dee's (gen) Website
  • Cascade Library
  • Starfox's Mansion
  • Susan's Sentinel Fanfiction Site
  • Wolfpup's Den