Cascade Times Awards/2001

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All nominations, chosen from The Sentinel fanfiction, are listed below. The winners are indicated with bold typeface.

This is archived here, Archived version.


Favorite alternate universe story

Favorite angst story

Favorite crossover

Favorite drabble

  • No Words by Becky
  • Power Outage by Robyn
  • Reasons by Becky
  • Rubber Ducky Drabbles by ferryboat George
  • Something In The Air by Kathryn Andersen

Favorite drama story

Favorite horror/scary

  • Cake by Martha
  • Dark Heart by Anonymeek
  • A Hollow Within by Sue Kelley
  • Lilith by D.L. Witherspoon
  • The Ones Who Love You Best by Crowswork
  • Our Unconquerable Soul by Sealie
  • Unsleeping by Martha

Favorite humor story (tie)

  • Bad Hare Day by Tapu
  • But I Digress by Iris Wilde
  • Domesticity I: House Rules by Meredith Lynne
  • Duck Takes A Holiday by Iris Wilde
  • Fever by Red Soprano
  • A Hard Day's Night by Robyn
  • The Purloined Pair of Underwear by Robyn
  • A Rose By Any Other Name by LRH Balzer
  • Secret Agent Man by Tapu
  • Some Days Are Better Than Others by Mackie and Shellie Williams
  • Where Are They Now? by Rimilod

Favorite long story

Favorite missing scene

  • Blind Man's Bluff: The Time it Takes to Blink by Sis
  • Bridge by Autumn Skies
  • Hand by Iris Wilde
  • Homecoming by Renae (formerly found at Guide Posts, no longer available)
  • Journey of One by Becky
  • Miracles of Life by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Most Definitely Wanted by Alberte
  • The Rig by Anonymeek

Favorite smarm/warm fuzzy story

  • The Anthropologist on the Edge of Forever by Martha
  • Borneo Eyes by Kitty and Martha
  • Counting In Fives by Shelly
  • Falling Rain by Autumn Skies
  • I Heard The Mountain Sing by Robyn
  • My Empyrean by Robyn
  • Soliloquy Three: Hidden Treasures by JET
  • Stealing Home by Calista Echo
  • Surveillance by LRH Balzer

Favorite alternate universe series

  • Alternate Reality Series by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Evolution by Mackie
  • Family by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Night Eagle by Donna Gentry
  • Roachia by Cindy Combs

Favorite series

  • Lifeline by Tate
  • Celtic Connection by JET
  • Tristes Tropiques by Martha
  • Saviors by Danae
  • Sick by DC Streets
  • The Library by Sealie
  • Sentinel Too, Part 1 Sequel Trilogy by LRH Balzer
  • The Sentinel/MacGyver series by Cindy Combs

Favorite BPP episode for the virtual sixth season

  • Blood and Water by Shallan
  • Brother Born for Adversity by Cindy Combs
  • Double Jeopardy by Katie
  • Mishaps With Dinner by Cindy Combs
  • Proper Procedure by Hephaistos and Alberte
  • Talent Show by TAE

Favorite FPP episode for the virtual fifth season

  • Acceptable Men by Jael Lyn
  • Fire and Ice by Swellison
  • Heart and Soul by Susan Williams
  • Lullaby by Iris Wilde
  • Murder in General by Sue Pokorny

Favorite episode epilogue

  • And If You Fall by Shelly
  • Crossings by Anonymeek
  • Double Room by LRH Balzer
  • Miracles of Life by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Nor Bid The Stars by Renae (formerly found at Guide Posts, no longer available)
  • Paper Cut by Martha
  • A Place Without Walls by Swellison
  • Recovery by Mackie
  • Things Fall Apart by Meredith Lynne
  • Waiting for the Past by Alberte


Favorite writer

Favorite alternate universe fanfic writer

  • Calista Echo
  • Cindy Combs
  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • Donna Gentry
  • Fidus Amicus
  • XmagicalX

Favorite angst fanfic writer (tie)

Favorite drama fanfic writer

  • Anonymeek
  • Autumn Skies
  • Danae
  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • Iris Wilde
  • Jael Lyn
  • K. Ryn
  • Kitty
  • Kristine Williams
  • LRH Balzer
  • Martha
  • Tate

Favorite humor fanfic writer

  • Becky
  • Besterette
  • Hephaistos
  • Iris Wilde
  • Red Soprano
  • Rimilod
  • Robyn

Favorite new fanfic writer (as of March 2000)

  • Calista Echo
  • Carolyn Claire
  • Cicero Cat (no longer available)
  • Crowswork
  • DC Streets
  • Gayle Smith
  • Kathryn Andersen
  • Lyn
  • Sheffield

Favorite smarm/warm-fuzzy fanfic writer

  • Autumn Skies
  • Becky
  • Iris Wilde
  • JET
  • Kitty
  • LRH Balzer
  • Robyn

Favorite writing partners

  • Becky and Robyn
  • Hephaistos and Mackie
  • JET and MegaRed
  • Martha and Kitty
  • Robin and Paula


Favorite Sentinel website (tie)

  • Becky and Robyn's Sentinel Website
  • Black Panther Productions Virtual Tales
  • Guide Posts (no longer available)
  • Mackie's Idol Pursuits
  • Starfox's Mansion
  • Wolfpup's Den