Cascade Times Awards/2003

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All nominations, chosen from The Sentinel fanfiction, are listed below. The winners are indicated with bold typeface.

This is archived here, Archived version.


Outstanding alternate universe story

  • My Sentinel by Arianna
  • Outside These Walls by Jael Lyn
  • Restored by XmagicalX
  • Twice Again by Donna Gentry
  • Uncle Buck by LKY

Outstanding angst story

  • The Long Goodbye by Kikkimax
  • Minding His P's And Q's by Nancy Taylor
  • To Err is Human by Fidus Amicus
  • We Gather Strength by Jael Lyn

Outstanding "Could Have Been An Episode" story

  • Blessed are the Merciful by Arianna
  • Every Man for Himself by Sandra McDonald
  • Firestorm by Mackie
  • Return to Dry Falls by LKY
  • Water Rights by LKY
  • Whatever Remains (BPP-708) by Crowswork

Outstanding crossover story

  • Actualize This by Helena Handbasket (with Invisible Man and Stargate: SG1)
  • Almost a Sentinel by Sealie (with The Champions)
  • Diverted by Sandra McDonald (with Highlander)
  • Lovely by Martha (with Stargate: SG1)
  • Overdue Penalties by Rimilod (with Starsky and Hutch)

Outstanding drama story

  • Endureth for the Night by JET and MegaRed
  • Inverse by Brook Henson
  • Motion of Discovery by Rimilod
  • The Ledrith by Paula
  • Old Friends by LKY
  • The Wages of Sin by Danae
  • Without Words by Nancy Taylor

Outstanding epilogue

  • After the Siege by JoAnn Stuart
  • Colour and Light by Anonymeek
  • Gone Fishin' by Arianna
  • Legacy by LRH Balzer
  • Out of Debt by Donna Gentry
  • Recovery by Mackie
  • Trial by Existence by Brook Henson

Outstanding horror/scary

  • Bag of Bones by Sealie
  • The Battle by LKY
  • A Hollow Within by Sue Kelley
  • Last Man Standing by JET
  • The Seed by Kikkimax

Outstanding humor story {TIE}

  • Actualize This by Helena Handbasket
  • Attach with Love by Susan L. Williams
  • Cripsy Duck by smb
  • Daring Deeds by Nancy Taylor
  • Flat Tires and Chihuahuas by Donna Gentry
  • Florence Ellison by Sandra McDonald

Outstanding long story

  • Family Trust by Susan L. Williams
  • Four Play by Fidus Amicus
  • In the Midst of Winter by Sandra McDonald
  • Old Friends by LKY
  • Second Strike by JET
  • They Also Serve by Brook Henson

Outstanding missing scene

  • Despair by Java Head
  • Feet on the Couch: The Debt by LRH Balzer
  • I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm by Debra Baschal
  • A Good Judge of Character by Lyn
  • A Hint of Peace by Brook Henson
  • The Rig by Anonymeek

Outstanding smarm/warm fuzzy story

  • Jubliee by JET
  • Lookin' For Eight by Fidus Amicus
  • Samaritan by Donna Gentry
  • Ties by DC Streets
  • To Hurt And To Heal by Becky
  • You are My Home by Aubrey Robin

Outstanding snippet

  • My Turn by Donna Gentry
  • Nor Iron Bars by Crowswork
  • No Words by Becky
  • Parallel Lines by Carole

Outstanding unfinished story

  • Beach by Martha and Kitty
  • Coming Up for Air by Delilah
  • Inverse by Brook Henson
  • Reflections on the Human Condition by Carolyn
  • The Sentry and the Thief by Zadra

Outstanding alternate universe series

  • Coming Up for Air series by Delilah
  • GDP series by Susan Foster
  • Inverse series by Brook Henson
  • Roachia series by Cindy Combs
  • The Sick Series by DC Streets
  • Traces Collection (Miracles of Life) by D.L. Witherspoon

Outstanding series

  • Footpaths Through Peru by Rivanna Michaels
  • Make It Go Away series by Nancy Taylor
  • The Library Series by Sealie
  • Perception Series by JET
  • Soliloquy Series by JET
  • Uncle Buck stories by LKY

Outstanding comfort scene {TIE}

  • Colour and Light by Anonymeek—First hospital scene
  • Drowning Sorrows by DC Streets—Ending hospital scene
  • Hollow Soul by JET—Drug withdrawal scenes
  • A Matter of Perception by JET—Reunion scene
  • Promissory by Donna Gentry—Jim consoles Blair when he realizes he has to give up Brett


Outstanding alternate universe fanfic writer

  • Brook Henson
  • Delilah
  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • Donna Gentry
  • Susan Foster

Outstanding angst fanfic writer

  • Brook Henson
  • Delilah
  • Kikkimax
  • Kim Heggen
  • LRH Balzer
  • Martha

Outstanding drama fanfic writer

  • Arianna
  • Brook Henson
  • JET
  • LKY
  • LRH Balzer
  • Mackie
  • Martha
  • Rimilod

Outstanding humor fanfic writer

  • Besterette
  • Donna Gentry
  • Helena Handbasket
  • Hephaistos
  • smb

Outstanding new fanfic writer (as of March 2002)

  • Annie
  • Arianna
  • LKY

Outstanding series fanfic writer

  • Brook Henson
  • Delilah
  • JET
  • Nancy Taylor
  • Sealie
  • Susan Foster

Outstanding smarm/warm-fuzzy fanfic writer

  • Autumn Skies
  • Fidus Amicus
  • JET
  • Kikkimax
  • Martha

Outstanding writing partners

  • Anne Roquemore and Sue Pokorny
  • JET and MegaRed
  • LindaS and Sherrylou
  • Martha and Kitty
  • Nancy Taylor and Susan Foster

Outstanding (unsung hero) beta {three-way TIE}

  • Danae
  • DebbieLD
  • Shallan