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All nominations, chosen from The Sentinel fanfiction, are listed below. The winners are indicated with bold typeface.

This is archived here, Archived version.


Best alternate universe story

  • Before Dawn by Cindy Combs
  • Mark of the Beast by Donna Gentry
  • The Memory of Angels by Robyn
  • Restored by XmagicalX
  • Watermark by Tate

Best angst story

  • Heartspeak/Soulspeak by Donna Gentry
  • Reality Echoes by Tate
  • Suicide Watch by Emerald
  • Where Only I Can Go by Robin

Best "could have been an episode" story (tie)

  • Brotherhood by Danae
  • Dirty Bird by Emerald
  • Firestorm by Mackie
  • Legend by Kristine Williams
  • Sniper by Paula

Best crossover

  • Dash of Conspiracy, Enemies on All Sides (with One West Waikiki) by Becky
  • Destinies Entwined (with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) by Mackie
  • Diverted (with Highlander) by Sandra McDonald
  • From Out Of The Shadow (with The Fugitive/U.S. Marshals) by Kelly Meding
  • No Center Line (with Nash Bridges and Millennium) by LRH Balzer

Best drabble (tie)

  • No Words by Becky
  • Power Outtage by Robyn
  • Tetanus Shot by Robyn
  • Zonked by Becky

Best drama story

  • Closet Monsters by Iris Wilde
  • Falls the Shadow by Just Jen
  • Pack Up The Moon by Shelly
  • Promissory by Donna Gentry
  • Who Shall Guard the Guardians Themselves? by K. Ryn

Best horror/scary

  • Bayou by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Body and Soul by Paula
  • Innuai by Anne Murdoch
  • Soul Shadows by Danae
  • Snake Oil by Martha

Best humor story

  • But I Digress by Iris Wilde
  • Cherry Bombs by Hephaistos and DawnC
  • The Great Escape by Hephaistos
  • Into the Madding Crowd by Hephaistos
  • Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut by Red Soprano

Best long story

  • False Mirrors by K. Ryn
  • Hilltop Hour by JET
  • Justifiable Means by Kim Heggen
  • Plank by Martha

Some Are Silver, The Others Gold by LRH Balzer

Best smarm story

  • Drunken Goo by Kitty and Martha
  • I Heard the Mountain Sing by Robyn
  • Remember This by Shiloh (no longer available)
  • Surveillance by LRH Balzer
  • To Do List by Aubrey Robin

Best Sentinel Too (either part) story

  • The Battlelines Have Been Drawn by TAE
  • Cold Front by Shiloh and Paula (no longer available)
  • Color and Light by Anonymeek
  • Everywhere, Like Footprints by Shelly
  • Guide's Choice by Shallan
  • Neutral Party by Cindy Combs
  • Night Watch by Shiloh (no longer available)
  • Ordinary Days by Mpala
  • Reflections by Melissa Selby (formerly found at Guide Posts, no longer available)
  • The Rest of Forever by Donna Gentry
  • The Road Back by Sis
  • S2 Trilogy by LRH Balzer (Primary Focus, Movers and Shakers, A Different Way of Seeing)
  • A Thousand Dreams (death story) - Wnnepooh
  • Watermark/Wellspring Duology by Tate

Best post-The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg story (tie)

  • The Brass Ring by Toni
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Choice Reflection by Shallan
  • Forward Movement by Sis
  • Home Again by inkling
  • Mercy by Mpala
  • No Going Back by Alberte
  • Right Words by Katie
  • The Road Not Taken by Cindy Combs
  • A Thousand Words by Hephaistos

Best alternate universe series

  • Alternate Reality Series by D.L. Witherspoon
  • GDP Series by Susan Foster
  • I~L~A~S~C Series by Carikube
  • In Time and Destiny Series by Becky
  • Roachia Series by Cindy Combs

Best series

  • The Guide Series by Shallan
  • The Inevitable Series by Beth Manz (no longer available)
  • Moonglow Series by Ann Brown (no longer available)
  • Progressions Series by Beth Manz and Shiloh (no longer available)
  • Tristes Tropiques Trilogy (Ordeal, Snake Oil, and Cake) by Martha

Best BPP episode for the virtual fifth season

  • It's Not Just Academic by Shallan
  • The Janus Effect by Mackie and Hephaistos
  • Sandburg Squared by Cindy and Zadra
  • Secrets of a Shaman by Paula and Robin
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes by Paula

Best FPP episode for the virtual fifth season

  • Back to School by Brenda Bailey
  • The Kindness of Strangers by Mackie and Hephaistos
  • Pacific Spirit by LRH Balzer and Ryf Van Rij
  • Seems Like Old Times by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Trust by Sue Pokorny

Best missing scene

  • Crossings by Anonymeek
  • Feet on the Couch (missing scenes from various episodes) by LRH Balzer
  • Homecoming (missing scenes from Debt to Cypher) by Renae (formerly found at Guide Posts, no longer available)
  • Makin' It Right by Eagle Eye
  • To Do List by Aubrey Robin

Best epilogue

  • Blessed Be the Tears/Souls' Crossing Duology by Becky
  • Miracles of Life by D.L. Witherspoon
  • Recovery by Mackie
  • 'Til Human Voices Wake Us by Besterette
  • Watermark by Tate

Best comfort scene

  • Closet Monsters by Iris Wilde—Hospital scene where Blair is half-conscious and realizes Jim is there with him.
  • Color and Light by Anonymeek—Hospital scene where Jim sees Blair for the first time after the fountain.
  • Hilltop Hour by JET—Blair wakes up from his coma.
  • No Center Line by LRH Balzer—Jim and Simon give Blair a bath.
  • With Deadly Intent by Beth Manz and Shiloh—Hospital and mine scene. (no longer available)

Best portrayal of a returning canon character

  • Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg by K. Ryn (various)
  • Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg by Martha (various)
  • Joel Taggert by TAE (various)
  • Lee Brackett by Beth Manz (The Inevitable Series) (no longer available)
  • Simon Banks by D.L. Witherspoon (various)

Best bad guy original character

  • Tony Bozeman by D.L. Witherspoon (Supernatural series)
  • Daniel Crawford by LRH Balzer (Some are Silver, The Others Gold)
  • Danny by Shallan (The Prize, For the World Is Hollow)
  • Dr. Marcus Grant by Beth Manz and Shiloh (Progressions Series) (no longer available)
  • Brooks Quinlin by D.L. Witherspoon (Candle in the Dark)

Best bad girl original character

  • Helaire DeLacriox by D.L. Witherspoon (Bayou, Reckoning)
  • Ellen Lash by Iris Wilde (Closet Monsters)
  • Hannah Merrick by Beth Manz and Shiloh (Progressions Series) (no longer available)
  • Dr. Stacey Murray by Sue Kelley (Forbidden Fruit)
  • Kathy Schofield by Shallan (BPP: It's Not Just Academic)

Best good guy original character

  • Adam Black by D.L. Witherspoon (Family Series)
  • Pete Devereaux by Danae (The Agency)
  • Clive Hathaway by Kristine Williams (Legacy, Shadow of a Doubt)
  • Major Jim McLin by Shallan (Duty, Honor, Country)
  • Obediah Sandburg by Cindy Combs and Zadra (BPP: Sandburg Squared)

Best good girl original character

  • Catherine Alexander by Graywulf (multiple stories)
  • Dr. Mandy Cuthbertson by D.L. Witherspoon (multiple stories)
  • Wyn McDonald by Danae (Saviour's Trilogy)
  • Mabel Taggert by TAE (multiple stories)
  • Mrs. Thomas by D.L. Witherspoon (Alternate Reality Series)

Writers and Betas (most names are linked to author's page at CL)

Best alternate universe fanfic writer

  • Carikube
  • Cindy Combs
  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • Susan Foster

Best angst fanfic writer

  • Kim Heggen
  • LRH Balzer
  • Martha
  • Susan Foster

Best drama fanfic writer

  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • K. Ryn
  • Kit Mason
  • LRH Balzer
  • Martha

Best humor fanfic writer

  • Becky
  • Hephaistos
  • Kathy P.
  • Red Soprano
  • Robyn

Best new fanfic writer (as of March 1999)

  • Alberte
  • Ann Brown (no longer available)
  • Carole
  • Hazel
  • Jael Lyn
  • JET
  • Kim Heggen
  • MaBrown
  • Margie Ferguson
  • Rimilod
  • Susan Foster
  • Toni
  • Vision

Best series fanfic writer

  • Beth Manz (no longer available)
  • Cindy Combs
  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • LRH Balzer
  • Martha

Best smarm/warm-fuzzy fanfic writer

  • Ann Brown (no longer available)
  • Becky
  • JET
  • Robyn
  • Shiloh (no longer available)

Best writing partners

  • Becky and Robyn
  • Beth Manz and Shiloh (no longer available)
  • JET and MegaRed
  • Mackie and Hephaistos
  • Martha and Kitty

Best beta (unsung hero) award

  • Bonnie317
  • Iris Wilde
  • K (Rimilod)
  • Kimberly Workman
  • Mirian Robeson
  • Nickerbits
  • Stargazer
  • TAE
  • Toni Rae
  • Wnnepooh


Favorite Sentinel website

  • Becky and Robyn's Sentinel Website
  • Cascade Library
  • The Nightowl's Nest
  • Steffi's Sentinel Visions and Sounds
  • Wolfpup's Den