Cascade Times Awards/2002

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All nominations, chosen from The Sentinel fanfiction, are listed below. The winners are indicated with bold typeface.

This is archived here, Archived version.


Outstanding alternate universe story

  • The Long Goodbye by Kikkimax
  • Lookin' for Eight by Fidus Amicus
  • My Soul To Keep by Donna Gentry
  • They Also Serve by Brook Henson (on her page under *stories in progress*)

Outstanding angst story

  • Acheron by Iris Wilde
  • Asunder by Kikkimax
  • Beach by Martha and Kitty
  • Blair's Choice by Fidus Amicus
  • Restored by XmagicalX

Outstanding "Could Have Been An Episode" story

  • Begger's Ride by Inkling
  • End Zone by Anne Roquemore
  • Firestorm by Mackie
  • Four Play by Fidus Amicus
  • Through A Glass Darkly by Jael Lyn

Outstanding crossover

  • Extreme Possibilities/Circle by D.L. Witherspoon (with The X-Files)
  • Innuai by Anne Murdoch (with Poltergeist: The Legacy)
  • Our Unconquerable Soul by Sealie (with Poltergeist: The Legacy)
  • The Shield by Susan Foster and Maedoc (with The District)
  • Uneasy Alliance by Hephaistos, DawnC, Jmas, Jennifer Krall, and Sealie (with Stargate: SG1)

Outstanding drabble/snippet

  • Dreaming by Becky
  • Food for the Soul by Robyn
  • Napping by Rimilod
  • No Words by Becky

Outstanding drama story (tie)

  • Four Play by Fidus Amicus
  • Motion of Discovery by Rimilod
  • The Memory of Angels by Robyn
  • Patrol by Jael Lyn
  • Twenty Four Hours by Sealie

Outstanding horror/scary

  • Blood Borne by Kikkimax
  • Dark Heart by Anonymeek
  • Screaming Mimi by Anne Murdoch
  • Touch by Sis
  • Tristes Tropiques Trilogy by Martha

Outstanding humor story

  • Attach with Love by Susan L. Williams
  • Blair and the Horrible, Rotten, No-Good, Very Bad Day by Rimilod
  • Cherry Bombs by Hephaistos and DawnC
  • Duck Takes a Holiday by Iris Wilde
  • Lollipop by Elaine H.

Outstanding long story

  • Duty, Honor, Country by Shallan
  • Home for Christmas by Kathy and Mary Ellen
  • Last Man Standing by JET
  • Little Boy Lost by Emerald
  • Sirocco by D.L. Witherspoon

Outstanding missing scene

  • Dulce Domum by Autumn Skies
  • Hand by Iris Wilde
  • It Doesn't End Here by Robyn
  • The Reason for it All by Rimilod

Outstanding smarm/warm fuzzy story

  • Attach with Love by Susan L. Williams
  • Conversations with Larry by Swellison
  • Grail by Martha
  • Heart in the Right Place by Aubrey Robin
  • I Heard the Mountain Sing by Robyn

Outstanding alternate universe series

  • Birthright series by Rimilod
  • Coming Up For Air series by Delilah
  • Roachia series by Cindy Combs
  • Tommy and Clare series by Shedoc

Outstanding series

  • Celtic Connections trilogy by JET
  • Jacob's Ladder series by BAW
  • The Library Series by Sealie
  • The Life and Times of a Well Used Sweatshirt series by Lila Kulp
  • A Place To... series by Trishbsc

Outstanding virtual season episode

  • BPP-702: Merry by Kelly Meding
  • FPP-615: Blues for Henri Brown by Susan L. Williams
  • FPP-626: Skinwalker by Mackie
  • N5-13: Special Delivery by DawnC and Alberte

Outstanding episode epilogue

  • Connections by LindaS
  • JujuBe's and the Art of Male Bonding by Red Soprano
  • Recovery by Mackie
  • Solitudes by Lyn
  • Till Human Voices Wake Us by Besterette


Outstanding Sentinel Fanzine

  • Blended Spirits 1
  • Blended Spirits 2
  • Cascade Beyond the Veil 1
  • Standing Sentinel 2

TS Fanzine Story

  • Incubation by Katie Steuer (Sentry Duty 4)
  • Experiment IV by Bog
  • Forest For The Trees by Sue Pokorny (Cascade Beyond The Veil 2)
  • Second Strike by JET


Outstanding Original Character

  • Mrs. Thomas—D.L. Witherspoon's Alternate Reality series
  • Jay Brady -- Kikkimax's Partner series
  • Det. David Noble—Kelly Meding's Daedalus series


Outstanding alternate universe fanfic writer

  • Cindy Combs
  • Donna Gentry
  • Mary J.
  • Susan Foster

Outstanding angst fanfic writer

  • Danae
  • Donna Gentry
  • Kim Heggen
  • Susan Foster

Outstanding drama fanfic writer

  • Jael Lyn
  • Kikkimax
  • LRH Balzer
  • Martha

Outstanding horror writer

  • D.L. Witherspoon
  • Kikkimax
  • Martha
  • Sealie

Outstanding humor fanfic writer

  • Besterette
  • Lila Kulp
  • Red Soprano
  • Rimilod

Outstanding new fanfic writer (as of March 2001)

  • Anne Roquemore
  • Delilah
  • Gil Hale
  • Kikkimax
  • LKY

Outstanding smarm/warm-fuzzy fanfic writer

  • Fidus Amicus
  • JET
  • Kitty
  • Robyn

Outstanding writing partners

  • Anne Roquemore and Sue Pokorny
  • KimAnne and Liz
  • Mary Ellen and Kathy
  • Martha and Kitty
  • Susan Foster and Maedoc

Outstanding beta

  • Bonni317
  • Calista Echo
  • Danae
  • Keerah
  • Shallan
  • Toni Rae


Outstanding Sentinel website

  • Mackie's Idol Pursuits
  • The Nightowl's Nest
  • Starfox's Mansion
  • Wolfpup's Den