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Name: Gil Hale
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Magnificent Seven, The Professionals, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1
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Gil Hale is a fan fiction writer.


Examples Works

Fan Reaction

In 2008, a fan wrote:
Gil Hale has several good things going for her(?) - unless somebody corrects me, I'll assume 'her'. For one, she writes stories that are heavy on plot. Things happen, and they are usually things that mean something. For another, though she does a lot of hurt/comfort, it's very guy h/c. Our trusty hero carries on, gritting his teeth through the pain, and his partner supplies him with aspirin, beer, a bandage for his sore ribs, and the occasional manly hug. Not a wuss in the lot. In fact, another thing I like is that she's writer who really keeps her guys guys, but without a lot of macho posing.

My favourite of her stories is the Pros/Sentinel cross-over You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks. It's an AU set in a society where guides are second class, pretty close to chattel property. Ellison and Bodie are sentinels who don't want guides; Sandburg and Doyle are rogue guides trying to escape the control of the state. Now, I've only ever seen a couple of episode of TS, but to my mind, she's got them all down pat (Doyle's method of guiding is to swear at Bodie and whack him on the arm) without in any way caricaturing them. I also like her TS/MAg7 cross-overs, despite never having seen an episode of Mag7 at all. She's good enough at characterization that I can read characters I don't know as originals and not feel like I'm missing a lot because I'm not in the loop.

And, I have to say that what I also like is that Gil Hale writes gen as gen. There is not a trace of attraction between her guys: they are friends, partners, team mates, close enough to die for each other, or cry on each other's shoulders, but that's it. And she does it without using a tic that annoys me in some gen writers, which is having another character, usually a villain, accuse the guys of being gay, so that they can vehemently deny it, and protest how sick it is that people mistake friendship for "that". In fact, in one story, Sorry, Bodie she takes that cliché and twists it around to very funny effect, as Marty Martell discovers the hard way that rescuing a drunk Ray Doyle is more trouble than it's worth. [1]


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