Arnaud You Don't!

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Title: Arnaud You Don't!
Author(s): Gil Hale
Date(s): 14 October 2004
Length: 46 K
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel/Invisible Man
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Arnaud You Don't! is a Sentinel/Invisible Man story by Gil Hale.

It was the winner of a 2005 Cascade Times Award and a 2007 Light My Fire Award.

Author's summary: "Can a Sentinel sense an Invisible Man? Crossover with The Invisible Man, most recent version."

Night of the Triffids is a "sequel of sorts", written in July 2005 for the SentinelAngst list.

Reactions and Reviews

Again this author demonstrates her deft touch for humour, as Jim and Blair have to deal with a pair of unconventional federal agents... in their own unconventional way. So... what do *you* think? [1]
I chortled all the way through this, and I've never *seen* Invisible Man (only know about it from yet another crossover, Analyze This by Helena Handbasket). Even if you take it as just a TS story with two rather weird 'original characters', it's still fun :) In fact, of the handful of crossovers I've have liked (most of which are Sentinel-on-one-side - it just seems to me to be more crossable than most shows) several have been Gil's; she's very good at the all-important business of creating an interesting plot, and letting it *drive* the story (rather than the all-too-obvious 'wouldn't it be fun if they met' that has little or no plot reason *except* 'wouldn't it be fun'), plus making the different interactions of all of the characters fun (and eschewing the total basking-in-each-others'-wonderfulness that annoys me in some stories. Just cause the writer loves both sets of characters, it *doesn't* mean they should even *like* each other if they're in character...) [2]


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