Arnaud You Don't!

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Title: Arnaud You Don't!
Author(s): Gil Hale
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel/Invisible Man
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Arnaud You Don't! is a Sentinel/Invisible Man story by Gil Hale.

It was the winner of a Light My Fire Award.

Reactions and Reviews

Again this author demonstrates her deft touch for humour, as Jim and Blair have to deal with a pair of unconventional federal agents... in their own unconventional way. So... what do *you* think? [1]
I chortled all the way through this, and I've never *seen* Invisible Man (only know about it from yet another crossover, Analyze This by Helena Handbasket). Even if you take it as just a TS story with two rather weird 'original characters', it's still fun :) In fact, of the handful of crossovers I've have liked (most of which are Sentinel-on-one-side - it just seems to me to be more crossable than most shows) several have been Gil's; she's very good at the all-important business of creating an interesting plot, and letting it *drive* the story (rather than the all-too-obvious 'wouldn't it be fun if they met' that has little or no plot reason *except* 'wouldn't it be fun'), plus making the different interactions of all of the characters fun (and eschewing the total basking-in-each-others'-wonderfulness that annoys me in some stories. Just cause the writer loves both sets of characters, it *doesn't* mean they should even *like* each other if they're in character...) [2]


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