When the Wolf and the Gray Wolf Meet

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Title: When the Wolf and the Gray Wolf Meet
Author(s): Gil Hale
Date(s): 2008
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel/Supernatural
External Links: When the Wolf and the Gray Wolf Meet at Gil Hale's Fan Fiction

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When the Wolf and the Gray Wolf Meet is a gen Sentinel/Supernatural story by Gil Hale.

Reactions and Reviews

I think Gil Hale writes as many crossovers as she does regular TS stories. She's covered Invisible Man, Magnificent Seven, Firefly, The Professionals and now Supernatural. Her enjoyable "Hippy and Goldilocks" stories were my introduction to The Pros.

I've never seen Supernatural, so I can't tell you whether these guys are written in character. However, she explained enough about them to give me the gist and infused them with enough life to make them enjoyable. Considering how often the mysterious pops up in Sentinel, crossing these shows seems a reasonable nexus. Sam and Blair are compatible, as are Jim and Dean. Jim's overcoming his natural reticence to trust an outsider is easily explained by his having known Sam and Dean's father.

The four work together to figure out and solve the supernatural problem as comfortably as Jim and Blair normally do. An enjoyable story and, for me, a nice intro to Supernatural.

Once again, this is a shameless plug to check out the LMFAwards and read good stories like this one.[1]
In this Gen tale (sorry, slash lovers), Dean and Sam meet Jim and Blair while working a case. There are many great things about this fic, but one I really like is how Sam and Blair bond over being "little brothers." (Blair and Jim aren't blood related, but that doesn't stop Jim from being overprotective.) Anyway, I wish their were more crossovers between these two shows, which is why I was all over this one as soon as I saw it., And even if you aren't into The Sentinel, you will still enjoy the read.[2]
Finally, a solid Sentinel crossover that is all gen! :)[3]


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