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Name: LKY
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Sentinel
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LKY is a gen Sentinel fanwriter.

Fan Comments

Cindershadow: I first found her through a recommendation by the ever-helpful starwatcher307, my first and always guide to All Things Sentinel. You can start with the standalones, and then she has separately indexed her "Dry Falls Chronicles" with her inimitable OC, Blair's Uncle Buck. Especially in the Uncle Buck stories, Blair seems fairly young, but certainly bright, capable, and not unduly vulnerable, and the mentoring aspect is strong. Many stories work as standalones, but be aware that the most recently posted story is very much a cliff-hanger. If you'd rather not wait on tenterhooks, the good news is that there also are plenty of fine standalone stores. The fact that I can't point to one over the others as a favorite is actually quite a compliment; the quality and interest level were consistently high. So pick one to start with by your preference of length and plot summary! [1]


See: Cascade Library Interview with LKY.



  1. ^ 2005 comments by Cindershadow at Her Holiday wishes to four authors: Iky, Jael Lyn, Susan Foster, and sheffield