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Name/s: MSilverstar
Fandom/s: Lotrips (Lord of the Rings Real People Slash)
You can find me at: web site, msilverstar on LiveJournal,

msilverstar on DreamWidth,

msilverstar on tumblr
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

This is my default icon everywhere: Leaf.jpg

My fandom was Lord of the Rings RPF: I fell into it in February 2003 and never got out, slashed everyone with everyone (my kinda otp Viggo/Billy then went and kissed!). I still have many friends from this time and love them dearly, I miss the ones who I've lost touch with.

Since then I have fanned The Hobbit (film series) and The Hobbit (films) RPF.

And now, Marvel Cinematic Universe, all pairings, especially recovery fic, as everyone has something to recover from. And MCU RPF, EvanStan mostly, but Mackie/Sebastian is very tasty.