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Name/s: faithgirl, faithgirl222, faith_girl222, fg
Fandom/s: Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Smallville, Star Wars, Alias, Veritas the Quest, Everwood, Pirates of the Caribbean, The O.C., Wonderfalls, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Doctor Who, Firefly, Kitchen Confidential, Good Omens, Queer as Folk, How I Met Your Mother, House, MD, Sports Night, Supernatural, Arrested Development, Stargate Atlantis, Life On Mars, Entourage, due South, Macdonald Hall, Torchwood, Bandom, Ocean's 11, The X Files, Psych, Weeds, the West Wing, Merlin, Wicked, Boston Legal, Star Trek, American Idol, Fringe, Sherlock Holmes, White Collar, Leverage, Iron Man
You can find me at: livejournal, website, twitter,, delicious, dreamwidth
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I started in fandom in 2000 in Buffy, after stumbling across fic while trying to locate transcripts. Its sibling show Angel, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings soon followed. I was in Stargate Atlantis from 2006-2008. I got into Bandom in 2007. I was minding my own business in Merlin and Boston Legal when the new Star Trek came along and took over my fannish life.

Before joining online (or even organized) fandom, I experienced fannish impulses, writing longhand fanfiction for Disney's Aladdin, making clay fanart for Sailor Moon and collecting Spice Girls merchandise.


I started out lurking on Buffy mailing lists, eventually coming to participate in discussion. In 2002, several people from the Babble Board (a Buffy Buffy/Angel posting board) chose to get blogs, and I joined them. I started making fanart, and built a geocities website to host it. In 2003, I received an invite code and moved to livejournal, where I began making icons and writing fanfiction. I had used LJ to follow posting of Harry Potter fanfiction for several months in advance of this move, possibly having discovered LJ through the Very Secret Diaries.

I have written in most of my early major fandoms, including 18 stories in Buffy/Angel, 7 stories in Harry Potter, 1 in Pirates of the Caribbean and 1 in Queer as Folk. I have taken (what will hopefully be) a temporary break from writing fanfiction, beginning in late 2005.

I continue to make fanart, primarily icons. Fanart, while archived at my current website, has yet to be completely uploaded and coded.

I was in Wonderfalls for its brief period of airing in 2004.

In Stargate Atlantis fandom, I wrote episode reactions and critique, and have posted a series of pictorial essays about the pairing McKay/Sheppard, which has not yet concluded. I have bookmarked many Stargate Atlantis stories and other fanworks at my delicious account.

Since late 2005, my only participation in House, MD fandom has been reviews and meta, with only a small amount of reading.

After having attempted to watch Firefly while it was airing (a difficult task for many, because of FOX's scheduling) I experienced a fannish renaissance during the lead up to and release of the movie Serenity.

I have vaguely flirted with American Idol RPS fandom a few times, and presently spend too much time reading Kris Allen/Adam Lambert fanfiction.

Currently, I am in the new Star Trek fandom, where I write bitchy "dear new trek fandom" letters, meta, read fic and wait patiently for the DVD so I can make icons I'm happy with. I'm also in the Star Trek RPS fandom, primarily reading Chris/Zach.

In September 2009 I started watching Fringe, and although I feel fannish about it I have yet to really participate in fandom for it. I've been dabbling in Castle, trying out Big Bang Theory, rekindling things with House, M.D., and cooling things off with Merlin.

As of December 25th 2009, Sherlock Holmes is my primary fandom. I read lots of fic, am in the process of re-familiarizing myself with canon, and spend entirely too much time watching RDJude interviews on youtube.

In February 2010 White Collar took over my brain for a few days, and remains a large secondary fandom for me. Shortly after Caprica happened to me, and is likely to continue to be a passionate interest, although how fannish I'll get is debatable given my history with its parent show Battlestar Galactica.

During the 2010 Olympics I briefly went through an acute phase of fannishness over figure skating and Johnny Weir in particular.

Leverage, Doctor Who, Iron Man and Fringe joined or returned to my primary fannish gaze in the spring of 2010.

Major Fandoms



  • Oblivion - fanart archive (2002-2008)
  • Curious Slights - fanfiction archive (2003-2008)
both now folded into Undiscovered Continent
  • Basic Cable - fansite for Wonderfalls ship Beth/Karen (2004-2007)
  • Triumvirate - short-lived clique for OT3 ships (2003-?)
  • Buffy Revival - the accompanying websites for the comm (2004)