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Name/s: DoctorSidrat
Fandom/s: fannish butterfly
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Lurker, wannabe IRL archivist (current IRL librarian), fandom history nerd. I love old fansites, meta, and fanzines.

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Current Project

Begun September 2019: I was inspired by a meta essay written earlier this year (THE PREQUEL TRILOGY IN THE 2000s -- A WOMAN-RUN STAR WARS FANDOM) which specifically mentioned that a lot of early sites and fanworks, women-created and maintained, are completely gone. Furthermore, the fandom memory is that the early Prequel movies sucked, everybody hated them, and all the people who DID like them are Vader fanboys.

Uh, no. I was totally on the peripheral to the Star Wars fandom at the time, and even I remember the masses of fansites about costumes, characters, fan theories, etc. So: I want to find as many of those sites as possible (especially ones centered on Padme/her handmaidens) and make pages for them on Fanlore. It's kind of a pain in the butt, since a lot of site were created in 1999-2001, died off quickly, and were barely archived on Wayback (or other sites).

If you were in the Prequel fandom in 1999-2004, please add info or personal memories to any page you can. It's super helpful, and provides valuable context to the fandom at the time.

Ideas for Pages/Stuff to Do

Fanlore Contributions

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To Do

Disappeared Sites?

Found references, Wayback links don't work.

Links so I don't go nuts editing stuff