The Queen's Residence

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Name: The Queen's Residence
Owner/Maintainer: Jedi Knight Tig
Dates: 1999-2001?
Type: fansite
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: (archived link)
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The Queen's Residence was a fansite for the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, named after the character Queen Amidala.

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Site History

The Queen's Residence was launched on 27 November 1999.[1] It was regularly updated through October 2000, and went offline sometime in 2001.

It was a member of numerous webrings, including: Episode One's Star Wars Webring, Bantha Tracks Webring, Tribute to Queen Amidala Webring, The Rebimperium Webring, Padme Naberrie's Natalie Portman/Star Wars Webring, Ultimate Star Wars WebRing, The Star Wars Prequel Ring, The Ultimate Star Wars Ring, The Queen Amidala Fan Ring, and Royal Handmaiden Webring.[2]

Site Contents

  • Fanart
  • Theories about Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3
  • Cast, character, and setting information for Episodes 1-6
  • Picture galleries
  • Polls, guestbook, and a slam book
  • Owner/host of: The Queen's Residence Webring
  • The Queen's Residence Awards

Fan Theories

A unique feature to The Queen's Residence site is the inclusion of fan theories re: Episodes 2 and 3 storyline and plot elements.[3]

[Queen Sabe]: Episode 2 - Even though I think a love triangle is a bad idea, there will probably be something like that to add tension and build animosity between Anakin and Obi-Wan. I would prefer a relationship between Sabé and Obi-Wan - she's an important character who needs to be highlighted!
Episode 3 - Anakin will probably turn in this installment. Of course, Palpatine will be his master and will want to eliminate any possible means of Anakin returning to the good side, aka his wife. Amidala will be pregnant with Luke and Leia and I'm sure she and Obi-Wan will know how important they are - if she dies, the galaxy is toast. Enter Sabé, loyal bodyguard and friend to the end. I think she may give her life to save Amidala in some kind of public assassination. Palpatine and Anakin will believe she is dead and, with Obi-Wan's help, Amidala can live on Alderaan with Leia (who's adopted by Bail Organa upon her mother's death) and Obi-Wan can take Luke to Tatooine and watch over him from a distance, thus setting the stage for our favorite sci-fi trilogy.
[Darth Bethia]: All I can say is LOVE TRIANGLE!
If there was one in the original between Luke, Leia, and Han what makes us think there won't be one between Anakin, Amidala, and Obi-Wan?
[Akasya]: I have heard that this happened:

Queen Amidala and Anakin fall in love. Obi-Wan is attracked to Amidala so when Anakin is away trying ot free his mother I think then Obi-Wan and Amidala become closer,
It's sort-of like Lancelot, King Arther and Quienavere.

Then Shemi gets killed and Anakin comes back. He trys to kill Obi-wan (now I've heard somehow Obi-Wan is responsible for Shmi's death though I don't know how) and he does the battle falls into a pit becomes Darth Vader because palentine offers a suit to keep him alive. Amidala dies from despiar.


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