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Name: Coffeeandink
Type: fanfiction, vidding, meta
Communities: Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Livejournal, Twitter
URL: Dreamwidth, LJ
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Fan, noted for involvement in RaceFail '09, among other things. Coffeeandink appears to be mainly involved with meta as of 2020, posting texts of various lengths through their blogs.

RaceFail Involvment

From the RaceFail '09 page: Pro author Will Shetterly argued that class prejudice was more significant than racism. When the argument between Shetterly and feminist blogger coffeeandink became heated, he and pro author-critic Kathryn Cramer outed coffeeandink, linking her LiveJournal handle with her legal name.[1][2] Shetterly and Kramer justified their action by pointing out that she had previously used her legal name in public posts on her LiveJournal. A huge argument ensued, threatening to eclipse the original discussion about racism.

Coffeeandink's ultimate response to the outing issue was that it was "... an outrageous derailment of the original conversation about race and racism in science fiction...". She connected the derailment to the very nature of SF fandom as, " insular, so white-focused, and so white-dominated that some of the people involved can ignore the literally dozens of people involved in an argument about race, the literally hundreds of posts made, out of a conviction that race is not the issue when people of color say it is ..."[3]

Will Shetterly made a post about what happened with Coffeeandink and RaceFail on his blogspot called sjwar, which denies that Coffeeandink had their real name outed during RaceFail.[4] Instead, Shetterly claims that Coffeeandink's full name had been clearly posted on her own Livejournal at the time, and that her posts often consisted of her convention appearances. He also states the Coffeeandink placed her real name across other websites as well, such as the WisCon website. Despite this Coffeeandink wanted to remain pseudonymous on a negative review she made towards Shetterly's wife's book, saying that she didn't want her full name to link to general Google searches.

Shetterly and his wife Cramer took Coffeeandink's last name off of their posts. However, on Mar 1 Coffeeandink made a long post saying that they had been placing her full name on wikis, blog comments, and that Coffeeandink had been trying to smear Nielsen Haydens. After Coffeeandink's blog post Shetterly said: "...her readers mobbed Cramer and me with angry email and anonymous comments while distorting the facts in their own blogs in a classic child’s game of “telephone”, each sharing and exaggerating what outraged them without linking to the source."






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