Queen Amidala's Throne Room

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Mailing List
Name: Queen Amidala's Throne Room
Date(s): 1999-2002
Moderated: No
Founder(s): Queen_Amidala_Lover
Type: discussion
Fandom: Star Wars
Scope: Prequel Trilogy
URL: Yahoo! Group
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Queen Amidala's Throne Room was an email discussion group. The topic was Star Wars character Padme Amidala and the Prequel Trilogy movies.

It was created on May 16, 1999 by Queen_Amidala_Lover. The last post by a member was on April 2002, encouraging members to vote for Natalie Portman in an online poll.

As of October 2019, it had 91 members.


Welcome creatures of Naboo and other planets! This is her majesty, Queen Amidala's, throne room. Everyone who is a Natalie Portman freak or just a Star Wars fanatic is welcome here. God save Queen Amidala!! [1]

Early posts had elements of roleplaying to them.


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