Samhain Smut

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Name: Samhain Smut
Date(s): 2010 - 2014
Moderator(s): ragdoll, samhain_mods, sdkshelly
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: samhain_smut on Livejournal
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Samhain Smut was a rarepair fest in Harry Potter fandom with a Halloween/samhain theme.


Fan writers and fan artists could produce whatever they wanted within the confines of the challenge: Halloween/autumn themed, rated R or higher with smut as a plot element, and no forbidden pairings (though they could be used as secondary or background pairings). Crossovers were not allowed. Furthermore, fest participants must be age 18 or older, and the fictional characters they wrote about must be 16 or older.[1]

Fics had a minimum of 500 words in length, and art was required to be hand drawn or painted (no photo manipulation). Works must be original to the fest, and pieces could not be posted elsewhere until the fest was over.[1]

Participation was very strict: creators who weren't able to complete their fic or art and didn't let fest admins know, or ask for an extension, were banned from participating in future fests.[1]

Forbidden Pairs

Because Samhain Smut was a rarepair fest, the following pairings were not allowed to be requested[2]:
Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Snape/Harry, Draco/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, Snape/Hermione, Scorpius/Rose, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Harry/Draco/Snape, Harry/Hermione/Draco, Harry/Hermione/Ron.


Prompts went up in June, claimings were in July, and submissions were due in early September. Posting of fest fic and art was throughout October.

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