Tranquility Amongst the Stars

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Name: Tranquility Amongst the Stars
Date(s): 2001?-2007
Archivist: Jasmine Storm
Type: Het, Gen
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: (Wayback link)
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Tranquility Amongst the Stars was a fanfiction archive for the first six Star Wars movies.


Site Content

Fanfic was organized by characters, although these were limited to six main characters (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, Han, Leia, Luke). There was also an index by author, and two genre pages (romance and humor). Fanfic ratings went from G to NC-17, and was exclusively het or gen. A large amount of available fics included Original Characters and self-inserts.

Other content included a fanfiction glossary, a message board for visitors, and downloadable wallpapers.

Fanfic Submission Guidelines

We are now accepting stories from anyone who would like to submit them. We ask that the stories be staged at some point in the Star Wars timeline, and if necessary, a movie reference to when it takes place.

We are accepting Romance stories, Action/Adventure stories, Angst stories, AU stories, and even Love-Triangle stories. The only thing we ask is that the story be exceptional.

We pride ourselves on writing good stories that are consistent with the Star Wars characters that George Lucas created. So, we can and will reject any story that we do not see fit to post on the site. Quality is very important to us. If you would like to submit a story to this web page, we ask that you submit it in the following status:

1. The story be in either .html format, or in .txt format, (Microsoft Word is acceptable).
2. The story must be rated with movie ratings (G - NC-17), and that the ratings be justifiable. We will re-rate them if the rating seems too weak for the story.
3. A brief one or two sentence synopsis is necessary as a teaser for the story.
4. Please do a full spell-check of the story! We need it to be error proof.
5. We will not accept slash stories of any kind!
6. Please send a contact e-mail address for us to post on the site so you can be contacted directly about your stories.
7. If your story will fall under a certain area of TATS, such as an Anakin Skywalker story or a Han Solo story, please mention that in your submission.
8. Please do not submit any unfinished stories.

9. Please do not submit any story from an email account that could get "turned off" for whatever reason. (Any submission that cannot be responded to will be automatically denied.) [1]


  • Jasmine Storm, Webmaster
  • Bookworm, Associate Content Editor



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