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Name/s: Charm
Fandom/s: BTS, K-pop
You can find me at: Twitter Tumblr Ao3
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Introduction Blurb

Hi! I'm Charm~ I like conducting interviews and documenting fanworks. Please feel free to check my spelling! I am BTS focused.

Current Projects

Top 50 Most Hit BTS Fanfics on Archive of Our Own

In this project, I document the top 50 most hit BTS fanfics on Archive of Our Own. This project has an official page, Fanlore Project:Top 50 BTS Fanfiction on Archive of Our Own. I document them into on the Wayback Machine, create Fanlore pages for them, attempt to interview the authors if I am able to contact them, and create pages for the authors. I do daily-ish updates about my projects on my Twitter account and post long-form posts on my Tumblr account. Here's the works that I've created pages for so far: (<- indicates the work I am currently working on - updated February 19, 2022). This project is no longer a priority as I am working to document other aspects of ARMY.

Slice of Namjin (Side Project)

Trope Pages

Big Pages

ARMY Fandom Documentation

In order to increase the presence of BTS ARMY on Fanlore, I have begun a side project (as of February 2021) to document any and all meta essays/academia papers and historical recount of the ARMY fandom.


Glossary Terms

Final Note

Throughout my time in fandom, I've run chatrooms, Tumblr blogs, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and have actively participated in fandom subreddits on the Reddit website. I participated in all main fandom activities of graphic design, video editing, fanfiction, fanart, and fan account running. I have participated in ship weeks and Tumblr creator networks. I've run very popular and very unpopular blogs. I'm here to document history as closely as possible, but I'd like history to document me as a footnote and nothing more. Please respect that.

I value my anonymity, do not want credit for my work, and want freedom to express my opinion. I do write ups on fandom culture and history with my observations and analysis. Please never attempt to contact me in real life. If you do, I will not speak to you. Everything I do with Fanlore and Archive of Our Own is for the good of history.