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Name: Weverse
Owner/Maintainer: HYBE Corportation
Dates: June 10, 2019 -
Type: mobile app, multimedia host
Fandom: BTS, TXT, Seventeen, Enhypen, NU'EST, CL, P1Harmony, Weeekly, Sunmi, Henry Lau, Dreamcatcher, Gracie Abrams, Cherry Bullet, New Hope Club, Alexander 23, Mirae, Treasure, Letteamor, Jeremy Zucker, PrettyMuch, Woo!ah!, MAX, F.T. Island, Everglow, IKon, Just B, Mad Monster, Blackpink, STAYC, Lil Huddy, Purple Kiss, fromis 9, Who is Princess?, Winner, Oneus, RAVI, Kim Junsu, Verivery, UP10TION, Lee Jin-hyuk, Le Sserafim, Blitzers, Kingdom (K-pop group), Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun, Baekho, Apink, Victon, TNX, Secret Number, &Audition, TRI.BE, Rocket Punch
URL: Weverse
Weverse logo from Google Playstore
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Weverse is a web platform that hosts multimedia content and fan communities. Fans can create fan posts to share with their favorite music artists and other fans around the world while viewing official content. Artists post daily moments from their lives onto the platform and can interact with fans through a timeline of real-time fan posts. Exclusive content is available for fans who buy memberships.[1]


Weverse officially opened its fan communities on June 10th, 2019[2]. Initially, the app was not available on iOS. The app opened with only two fan communities for the K-pop groups BTS and TXT because the Weverse Company was created by their company BigHit Entertainment to create an alternative to Fancafes. Fancafes were typically paid forums and message boards that K-pop fans can use to interact with their favorite idols. They usually have quizzes one must score high in to join, offering a more exclusive fan interaction experience compared to public social media accounts. These platforms are also only available in Korean.



Trending hashtags can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the phone screen. These hashtags are typically controlled by the Weverse staff and do not change through mass spamming or other attempts to influence post numbers with a hashtag by fans.


Trending posts can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the phone screen and then scrolling downwards. These posts can be influenced by fan activity. Trending posts are typically letters, artwork, fan edits, GIFs, cute pictures, and PSAs to other fans.


#HOT #HASHTAGS is a section on the bottom of the front page of Weverse that contains hashtags users can click on to see user posts using those hashtags. These hashtags typically advertise new comebacks, music releases, content releases, and paid membership content. These hashtags cannot be changed by users.