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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Treasure
Author(s): Mandi Schultz & Cheryl Rice
Date(s): 1977
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Treasure is a Star Trek: TOS story by Mandi Schultz & Cheryl Rice.

It was published in the print zine Warped Space #23.

In it, Chantal is assigned to throw a surprise birthday party for Christine.

The Diamonds and Rust Series Series

See the story order as they were published, and as they took place in the extremely controversial Diamonds and Rust Series.

Reactions and Reviews

Well, it's easy to see which half of the Kirk/Chantal team is supposed to be 'rusty.' I couldn't go more than one or two pages without thinking, 'Won't somebody please take that helpless, quivering mass of insecurities to bed -- Spock, Uhura, ANYBODY?' I'm all for strong women, but it should be necessary to make an established character weak so an introduced character can be strong by contrast. That version of Kirk shouldn't be trusted to tie his shoelaces, let alone fly a starship. [1]
... "Treasure" ... where Kirk is examining his feelings for Spock, grated against me like fingernails on a black board. Had tried to like Spock???!!! This is the guy Kirk risked his life for and his career for on Vulcan?! This is the guy whose well-being he's agonized over in The Immunity Syndrome, The Apple, Operation: Annihilate!, and countless others?! No way, from my viewpoint. In each case. Kirk's intense concern is evident in his actions, voice, expression — in short, his whole manner ... this is someone he cares deeply for, feels an emotional attachment more personal than merely command responsibility ... [2]
The part which Kirk is musing over Chantal and Spock competing for him ... is a specific section I object to ... "He had tried to like Spock, he did in some ways." I may have missed something by not having read the whole series, but I wasn't aware that it took place in an alternate uni verse. The Jim Kirk I know likes Spock very much indeed. [3]
... The "Diamonds and Rust" series is truly a "Treasure." [4]
... "Treasure" ((is)) a long, drawn-out vignette. It's not the writing style that merits this disapproval. Rather it's the story, or lack of one, and the characterizations of Kirk and Chantal. Kirk comes off looking like a love-sick adolescent with a huge inferiority complex. And Chantal — well, I never thought I'd say it, but flakey or not, Faulwell has more personality and style. We're sup posed to see Chantal as the most gorgeous, irresistable wonder-woman ever to board the Enterprise. Oh yes, and Spock is jealous of her. Wouldn't you be? After all, it's only logical. The last three pages read as follows: KIRK: She loves me, she loves me not; I love her, I love her not; I'll tell her, I'll tell her not. CHANTAL: He loves me, he loves me not; I love him, I love him not; I'll tell him, I'll tell him not ... [5]
Quite simply, "Treasure" bored me. It was not a story. It did not make me want to read more, because of the fact that it should have had a plot in itself. I presume that if I read the other pieces that have been published I would still be as uniformed as to what's supposed to be going on. Let me know when you get to the plot. [6]


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