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Fanlore Project
Project Lead(s): Charmedseoul
Topics: BTS, Fan Interviews,
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Welcome to Fanlore Project:Top 50 BTS Fanfiction on Archive of Our Own! This project was created in order to add more info to Fanlore about BTS fanfiction as it relates to fandom. It was also created to be a place to brainstorm, add links, and hopefully be a place of enthusiasms and shared knowledge. Please feel welcome to add to and edit this page. It is helpful to include a short description of your edits in the summary field below before you save the page. This allows easier navigation for others later.

The focus on this project is to document historically significant BTS fanfiction as in depth as possible. It covers creating Fanlore pages for each fanfic, interviewing authors and readers if possible, and documenting events that happened around each fanfic.

Why BTS fanfiction?

BTS' fandom ARMY is in a unique position where it has existed for 8 years since 2013, but did not experience a large influx of fans until 2017. Due to this, the most popular fanfiction created in the fandom are from 2016-2017 instead of 2013 or earlier years as one would expect. The stories behind these fanfics are equally as interesting as the fanfics itself. Many of the fanfics have drama, wanks, and conversation about either the authors or fanfic. ARMY is a continually growing fandom that has newer fanfics from 2019-2020 constantly breaking records and overcoming old ones.

ARMY are one of the largest fandoms at the moment, publishing fanfics daily on Archive of Our Own. It is important to document the information about their works to understand their growth.

These fanfics cover a wide range of topics that gives the oppurtunity for Fanlore editors to add more pages and edits onto the website.

Why only fanfiction on Archive of Our Own?

Archive of Our Own has a easier to navigate search system that can find fanfics in a fandom with the most hits. This ease and also the website's role as the primary fanfiction writing website for many ARMYs makes it the ideal platform to conduct this documentation.

A few fanfic authors of the top 50 BTS fanfiction on the site have set noticeable examples for the popular trends and tropes in the fandom.

Why only the top 50?

50 is a solid number encompassing all the historically significant BTS fanfics on Archive of Our Own. Beyond the 50th fanfic, the fanfiction documented could stray from this project's focus.


Sample Pages and Sample Topics

Created Pages

Top 50 Fanfics

All pages for the top 50 fanfics have already been created by User:Charmedseoul. No new pages needed to be created specifically for the fanfics. The list of these fanfics are organized by their rank on Archive of Our Own when sorting by hit count.

Interview Pages

Author Pages

Other Pages

Some Guidelines

All pages for the top 50 fanfics have already been created by User:Charmedseoul. What needs to happen now is a fleshing out of the pages with article expansion, interviews, and meta-analysis. Stubs no longer need to be created for the top 50 fanfics, but they do need to created for tropes, tags, and other information for this project.

Every page included in this project has pages that needed to be created to complete documentation of them as in depth as possible. This includes, but is not limited to tropes, interviews, shipwars, fan writers, podfics, meta essays, and memes.

The template pages are here:

This project focuses on fanfiction and events that happened directly because of the fanfiction or around the fanfiction. Larger fandom events such as general fanwars and drama are not included in this project. This means information such as the White Paper Project are not relevant. You are still welcome to create pages for those events on Fanlore.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Information for new editors is here. Among other things, it explains how to make an account, how to start a new page, and includes a lot of other helpful information.
  • Discussion on this page's talk page is encouraged, as is discussion on individual topic talk pages.
  • All edits, whether big tiny, or in-between, are welcome.
  • You don't have to be an "expert" on a subject. Adding what you know and feel passionate about are pieces of the puzzle, and ones that hopefully inspire others to expand on the topic.
  • All typos, mistakes, and errors are easily corrected. Don't let perfection hobble you.
  • Remember that Fanlore, like all wikis, is a collaborative effort, and may be edited by anyone.
  • Pages are not "owned" or controlled by any single person or group of people.
  • Pages and the information on them are only as robust, encompassing, and accurate as the information added by interested and enthusiastic fans like you.
  • Fanlore practices and encourages a Fanlore:Plural Point of View.
  • ARMY is an underrepresented fandom on Fanlore. Any and all information added onto the website about them is welcomed.
  • Add any new pages relevant to this project to the correct category in the Created Pages section.


Active Members

History of the Project

  • This project was started on 10 September, 2020.

Note from Charm

Charm post daily-ish logs on her Twitter and posts long-form content like meta essays and interviews on her Tumblr. If you have any questions about this project, please contact her directly via Fanlore email or Twitter direct message.