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Synonyms: Sugar Baby AU
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Sugar Daddy AU is an Alternate Universe trope where the main characters are sugar dating, also called sugaring. One character is the sugar daddy and the other is a sugar baby. It is a transactional relationship where the sugar baby is providing some sort of services such as sex or romantic indulgence for the sugar daddy.

There is no known origin of the Sugar Daddy AU, but it is believed to have originated from Y/N and F/M fanfiction because of the original origins of the word "sugar daddy." The word is believed to have originated from Adolph Spreckels, the heir to the Spreckels’ sugar fortune who married a woman 24 years his junior named Alma. She called her husband Adolph her “Sugar Daddy.”[1] Since the term is believed to have originated from the 1920s where men offered money and gifts to younger women for companionship or intimacy, fans attribute the term with M/F origins. However, despite its origins the trope is commonly used for M/M fanfiction with BDSM roles.


On Archive of Our Own, the fandoms with the most use of the Alternate Universe - Sugar Daddy tag are BTS, My Hero Academia, and Marvel. A majority of Sugar Daddy AUs are M/M and M/F.

On Wattpad, Sugar Daddy AUs are popularly used for M/F relationships and Y/N stories.

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