if i get in, i just might drown

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Title: if i get in, i just might drown
Author(s): fatal (cumrich)
Date(s): July 2016
Length: 12k words; 1 chapter
Genre: Modern AU, ABO, slash
Fandom: BTS
External Links: ao3 link

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if i get in, i just might drown is a BTS fanfic by fatal (cumrich). It is an ABO AU that is focused on smut. The pairing is Jikook.

On Archive of Our Own, it is the sixth most popular BTS fanwork by hit counts. As of January 2021, it has over 550000 hits, 9000 kudos, 340 comments, and 2800 comments. It is a PWP oneshot.


Summary:fucking jimin has always been jeongguk's favourite hobby. ruts just made it that much more special.