Imprints (For the Boys in the Back)

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Title: Imprints (For the Boys in the Back)
Author(s): Anna(arctic_grey)
Date(s): December 2018-January 2019
Length: 52k words; 3 chapters
Genre: College AU, slash
Fandom: BTS
External Links: ao3 link

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Imprints (For the Boys in the Back) is an explicit 3 chapter, 52k word long fanfic featuring the Kim Namjoon/Kim Seokjin relationship. It is the first fanfic in the Imprints and Magnitude series.

On Archive of Our Own, as of January 16, 2021, it has 120k hits, 5300 kudos, 1100 comments, and 2900 bookmarks.


Seokjin is not looking for a relationship – he's been there, done that, lesson learned. So when he somehow ends up in a fuck buddy arrangement with supposed one-night-stand Namjoon, he knows that he needs to handle the fling without emotionally compromising himself. He's definitely got this! (Dear reader, he did not have it.)

Namjoon dropped the used condom onto the floor – gross – and said, “So, you have issues with sex.”

Seokjin blinked at the virtual stranger whose bed he was in. “What the fuck? No, I don’t.” He processed the words. “Hey! Fuck you!”

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In the first chapter of “Imprints (For the Boys in the Back)”, Anna introduces the two historical figures Greta Garbo and Uemura Naomi to reflect the main characters of Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon. They each represent the two main characters’ initial desires and hopes for the future, but as the story progresses these things change. Greta Garbo and Uemura Naomi are Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon’s beginnings. Through their relationship, these two characters change each other and alter the course of their lives. They reject the comfort of Garbo and Naomi for the comfort of each other, definitively defying what they believed in the beginning of the series. The Imprints and Magnitude series offers alternatives to their lives and gives a realistic resolution that is able to resonate with any reader who has felt broken or lost. Imprints and Magnitude hears them.[1]

Archive of Our Own Fan Reactions

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Beautiful story, well written, emotional, exceptional characterization. I love LOVE it. So much. I cried. A lot. I can see the whole map of things in this story, the pain, the love, happiness, even slowly character development you created.

I love Jinnie and Joonie, the way Jin tentatively falling in love and the way Joon showering him with small yet constant love just like a drizzle between hot summer days.

Personally, I saw someone broken into a pieces because they broke up with another, they gave so much and never enough. Not loved the way they loving another.

And another thing about loneliness, scared to moving from our comfort zone because we're not sure if we could survive another pain really hits me here.

That seeking help to the right person isn't embarrassing, and actually helping.

This story feels like a real life personal experience that happened to readers. You did well to mess with our emotions, without trying too hard and let us just feel that way. Actually, I did learn so much from this story.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.


A fan [2]
This pairing is not one I gravitate towards often (for no other reason than the fact I somehow get trapped by Taekook, JiKook and Yoonmin stories) but I took a chance because the summary intrigued me....And fuck was I not grateful for that!!!

I often times found myself laughing out loud in this story and just gasping for air because your sense of humour is AMAZING! The dry wit, sarcasm and tongue cheek throughout this story was so great to read...especially during the first two chapters.

Chapter 3 was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions in comparison, and I like that juxtaposition. The humour was still there but it didn't take away from the angst and I appreciate that balance. The emotional parts were written so well, that during the harder times, I cried alongside Jin and teared up during the miscommunication parts as well.

Speaking of the miscommunication, the realism was almost too real here! There were so many times I was frustrated with how Jin was thinking and behaving...but then realised I have had similar thoughts and it's not easy to overcome them without doing the work...And he didn't even believe he needed to do the work in the first I repeat: the realism was almost too real! I also liked that you showed how on the surface Jin is confident with his looks but underneath he was a fragile and sensitive bean. This multi-faceted aspect you showed was also key in bringing our Jin's character; he came across as more of a real person and I think that's something I don't see often when people depict their scenarios with him, so I appreciated that as well.

I LOVED Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon a LOT in this story! If this story wasn't so focused on jin I'm pretty sure they would've have been the only characters I would've cared for. Namjoon I LOVED because he almost had this mysterious appeal to him. Jimin was a ball of sunshine and reminded me of a puppy throughout this fic (I really enjoyed the lil tidbits you'd include of his and Yoongi's relationship...that was nice.) Tae. Tae was favourite part was where he comments of Joon and Yoongi dying their hair, when he had just done the same! He really was so great in this. The scene where he fetches Jin from the club and then allows him to cry on his shoulder? FUCKING AMAZING! I can't explain why I loved him so, but I did.

Now onto the raunchy stuff! All the sex scenes were really well done and not overly dramatic. I 100% see Joon talking through sex and being romantic, without actually really being romantic. I love how they complemented each other in that all seemed very organic.

My favourite aspect of this story was the comparison between Naomi and Greta (but you're right I probably may not have read it if I only saw those names as the title ^.^) the two lived such similar yet completely different lives and that was reflected very well in the relationship between Namjin. Also I loved the "good word" thing they had going on.

I wish I could put into more words how much I enjoyed this story, but duties await and knowing me I'll completely forget to send this if I tell myself to do it later... BUT thanks so much for sharing this beautifully written piece of work. It really was heartwarming to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll see you in another work, but still then: keep smiling and writing!


Thank you for writing this, I got so damn emotional reading this beautiful piece I was tearing up on my couch on a Saturday. I thought this was going to be a Namjin love drama but to me it was really a story about broken little Seokjin and his self love. Bright shining soul of his. I love your writing and your way with words that plays out so beautifully, really reflected the confusion in his mind and his pains, spoken like a veteran that have gone through all these doubts and pain yourself. The monologues were all so real and pulled straight from the flesh, it hit me hard and got me emotion and reflecting, thank you so much TT^TT

I was devastated by all Seokjin’s little exclamations, that little shock he gets whenever someone was nice to him, or whenever someone did something that rippled the lake that is his heart, those little Oh. Okay. Sure. I’m fine. He repeated I’m fine so many times like it’s a mechanism against his self destructive tendencies, like it keeps him alive and sane because it was what he needed to hear and no one was speaking it for him. I could relate with the depreciating voice in Seokjin’s head a lot and I’m really glad in the story Tae raised the awareness there’s a hotline that he could call and have someone to talk to who is so empowering and understanding, it’s so easy for that self depreciating voice to sound like it’s speaking the truth and so easy to start spiraling and fulfilling all the degrading things in your brain, focusing on how much you lack instead of how much you have, I've normalised those thoughts as a part of me, but seeing it happen on Seokjin just tears me up and made me realise how important acceptance is. "Hey, it was a meat market, right? Cheap meat. And he was cheap, damn cheap. Worthless." —> “What, am I just cheap meat to you? Because I’m not.” omg I am loving the development and growth I love seeing Seokjin and Namjoon happy and in love I’m crying again in the club TT0TT <3

Again, thank you, thank you, thank youuuu so much for blessing us with this beautiful piece about self love and friendship and growth and acceptance. You are such an amazing author and it's a delight and honor to read your work. Oh and I love the humor and the witty dialogue so much Jimin sounds like the world's most amazing friend and that part about Joon giving a 13/10 oscar level boyfriend impression is just so Kim Namjoon! And the smut, holy shit the smut and the description about their tender kisses and how much they miss and want each other, I'm 400% hard and soft at the same time, just wow, thank you again TT0TT [4]
I think you broke me. By far the most mature, well-written and thoughtful angst I've read in this fandom. I felt Seokjin's grief and depression acutely. Maybe because I'm in my twenties too, and I've been in a bad relationship as well ... I know how hard it is to pull yourself together and continue moving on even when your last relationship's left you with a pile of issues. And when you feel like half the person you used to be. Emotionally unavailable? Afraid of intimacy? Scared to trust? That line where Seokjin said he had a degree in useless, absolutely gutted me. Namjoon is right, very few people in their 20s would be unable to relate. All that time, weeks, months, years; wasted on someone who doesn't care anymore.

My heart was aching for Seokjin and how "pathetic" he thought he was for being hung up over something as common as a breakup. Seokjin, you're not pathetic. When he talked about not wanting to ruin someone else's life by spewing his problems and insecurities onto "normal" people, it broke my heart. He's so wrong. "Normal people?" Very few mature, self-aware and level-headed adults exist. Most of us, wandering adults, we are all walking bundles of issues and unresolved angst. It's foolish to overestimate the general population to make yourself feel inferior. Everyone has problems, most of them either just don't show it, or they don't know it.

I identify a lot with Seokjin's struggle to open up to his friends. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking about how I haven't let any of my friends or family know about my own struggle with depression. There's a lot of embarrassment, shame and "I'm not that person, I'm supposed to be the funny one in the group. I don't know how to break character" going on. It's ... a work-in-progress. And Seokjin's another brave, broken soul trying to get over his issues by repressing them. That's not pathetic at all. It's just so ... human.

If I could hug Seokjinnie and Namjoon through the screen, I would. The last chapter, when Seokjin said he wants their relationship to have been "worth it". I felt that. I've come to terms with these things myself, albeit in a different way. Nothing in this world lasts forever, no relationship does, no friend does, and no job does. Even if you both stayed together till the ripe old age of 80 - an expiry date still waits for you. Everything. Ends. I stopped asking myself "what is the point" because when you keep asking yourself that question, you keep questioning if things will be "worth it" in the end. You won't ever find the strength to do anything in life. That question is a dangerous downward slide to depression. (At least it was, for me.) I believe that for most things in life, it is the time you've spent, things you've learnt, experiences you lived through and the emotions you had in the moment, that are far more important than their endings. What a boring life it'd be, if I never had all the shit that come with the good parts of anything I did.

"Happy ever after doesn't mean forever, it just means, time." Truly incredible dialogue from Doctor Who (watch it to the end? it's really short! haha). Sometimes it takes a few time travellers to show us what truly matters in life.

Thank you for the beautifully-written story. You must have put a lot of love into this story. It made me reflect a lot on my own life. I'm a fan now, never stop writing! [5]


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