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Name: Elliot Sang
Also Known As: bbygangelliot
Occupation: video essayist, YouTuber, musician
Medium: YouTube, Video essays, Journalist
Official Website(s): bby gang mag YouTube Channel Twitter DJBooth MuckRack Instagram
Fan Website(s):
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Elliot Sang is a music journalist and YouTuber from Queens, New York who is best known for his content reporting on numerous subjects of pop culture and internet culture.[1] As a member of the ARMY fandom, Sang creates BTS video essays on the bby gang mag YouTube channel.

Fandom Commentary

Video Essays

Elliot Sang's video essays delve into the social aspects of BTS ARMY and music aspects of BTS. Some of these essays include:


Sang also writes articles on Medium on his account Elliot Sang. Some of these articles include:

Responses from Other Fans


butter 521

butter 521 was a song by Elliot Sang (prod. THAIBEATS) released on April 27th, the day after the teaser for BTS' summer hit "Butter" was released. The lyrics contain fun rhymes and quick quips at people who have looked down at BTS and ARMY such as "antis," "kpop journalists," and "white ppl," while also criticizing aspects of Stan Twitter.

On April 27th 2021, Twitter user jinakgaes made a fanvid with the butter 521 song captioned "#BTS: butter butter butter meltin all that butter ass so fat make a boy wanna stutter." As of November 2021, the video has over 270,000 views. The video is commonly used to clap back at antis on the Twitter timeline.